Anus whitening - new-fashioned procedure


Recently, such an amazing procedure as bleaching the anus has been very popular. We can safely say that it is also one of the most popular abroad, not only among the beautiful half of humanity, but also among men. At the present time, such an intimate procedure is performed mainly in the USA and Western Europe, the highest quality specialists, who did not work long enough, would help you to whiten the anus for a symbolic fee, at least for many it is, which averages $ 2, 000 .

Whitening involves removing vegetation around such an intimate place and thoroughly cleansing the skin. Which one exactly? It's simple, experts first remove the dead cells, and then grind the epidermis. The result - clean, light and soft skin, like a newborn. The procedure is not as complicated as it is painstaking; it is performed in just one session under anesthesia.

Bleaching of the anus, as it happens

Bleaching of the anus occurs at the expense of special gels and lotions, which include the active ingredient - hydroquinone. This drug makes it possible to remove almost any pigment spots on the human body. It is said that without special further care for the skin around the anus, the effect can quickly go to neg. Therefore, in order to avoid this, after a cosmetic procedure, patients are recommended to lubricate the bleached area with special creams. During this period of time it is strictly forbidden to warm the priest in the sun and use various anal lubricants, because this will lead to the return of pigmentation.

Such a procedure as whitening the anus makes it possible to hide the fact that the person fulfills the need, as a result of which the skin around the anus gradually darkens. Many people say that light skin in an intimate place allows them to sunbathe freely on the beach, even in the most open swimsuit, to act in outright photo shoots without being embarrassed that viewers will see an unsightly pigmented spot.

Anyone who wants to give their anus a good looking appearance can be said that if you are not ready to perform such a cosmetic procedure in the clinic, you can try to do it at home.

Bright anus at home

Many Western cosmetic companies offer effective lotions that can be used both after the procedure and before it. They are also used by people who want to quickly and reliably remove the dark spot, without resorting to the help of cosmetologists. The purpose of such creams and gels is to fight against all sorts of pigment spots. It is true, experts say it is not hidden that without a special procedure, cosmetics alone will not be able to completely get rid of the dark spot, yes, it will become lighter, but it will not be whitened at all.

The procedure itself, of course, is tempting, and what is really there to hide is not quite normal. However, experts still recommend that before thinking about the bleaching of the anus, think carefully and decide for yourself why they need it. The fact is that in order for the skin not to darken again, you will have to give up many habits, at first a person will feel unpleasant tightness, sometimes a burning sensation or even itching. In addition, in the future it will be impossible to use anal lubricants, and indeed practice this type of sex is undesirable. In addition, special gels and creams will be your constant companions.

On this day, such an unusual procedure is popular with young people and some Russian artists, which is interesting so far none of the world stars in the porn industry are in a hurry to make themselves bleach in a special place. Why did it happen? In any case, this is a personal matter.

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