Soviet basketball player Tatyana Ovechkina: biography, achievements, awards and personal life


Who is Tatiana Ovechkina? The answer to this question is known to all true connoisseurs of sport, in particular, basketball fans. This woman is the legend of USSR basketball. In her arsenal, the gold of two Olympics, the gold medal of the World Championship, six highest awards of the European Championships, the title of Honored Master of Sports of the USSR and Honored Coach of Russia.

There are only 5 athletes in the world who have become Olympic winners twice.



Tatyana Ovechkina was born in the family of the Kabayevs, Nikolay and Evdokia in the spring of 1950. Dad is a driver, mom is a factory worker. Abundance in the family did not sin. Huddled in a hut on Khoroshevka with 50 more families. But did not complain. In a large and friendly team, respect, mutual assistance and understanding reigned. The general hobby of the majority was sport. In many sports ventures, the instigator was Tatyana's father. His authority was high - the captain of the carpool football team.

Together they equipped several grounds where sports battles were constantly played: volleyball, football, basketball. Little Tanyusha really liked outdoor ball games. She was a regular competitor.

She could not become a great athlete

Once there was a misfortune. First grader Tanya got under the wheels of a car. The most difficult leg fracture, bruises. Eight months in a hospital bed. Several operations. There was even a question about amputation. But everything worked out. True, the right leg remained thinner than the left.

After treatment - restrictions in movements, release from physical education. For the active and mobile Tanya, this was torture.

Later Ovechkina Tatiana Nikolaevna will tell you that she secretly rocked leg muscles from everyone. An eight-year-old girl loaded stones into a string bag and trained. At school, hiding behind classmates, did physical exercises along with everyone, danced, ran. She really didn’t want to lag behind her elder sister Vali, who was engaged in basketball. Tanya imitated her in everything!


The path to the sport is open!

The time has passed. And the doctors finally allowed Tanya to do physical exercise. She enrolled in the basketball section of the “Young Dynamo”. The first mentor - Honored Coach of the USSR Vera Kulagina - immediately noticed a talented girl.

And the pupil did not disappoint her. Peers noticeably replayed. Became the best player on schoolchildren's sports day. The young athlete is increasingly taken in the older group. And soon she is among the basketball players of the Moscow junior team. This is a success!

Further Ovechkina's sports career goes on increasing. Even before graduating from the sports school, she is a player of the Dynamo team in the capital.

Recognition had to win. Play Experienced athletes did not immediately accept the young talent. But success did not leave Tatiana. This sports talent point guard and attacking defender was recognized. At the European Championships she is appointed captain of the junior team, and she becomes the winner of the best point guard.


The story of the happy eight

Eight, perhaps, can be called a family figure. It was under this number that Tatyana Nikolayevna performed, and now her son, the famous hockey player Alexander Ovechkin.

Ovechkina Tatiana - Olympic champion, whose biography is presented to your attention in this article, once admitted that when she came to the sports school “Young Dynamo”, she really liked basketball player Vladimir Tsinman. As an athlete, she fell head over heels in love with a guy who masterfully holds the ball. He sported on his back. 8. Having come to a big sport, Tatyana asked for this number.


The road to Olympus is covered with gold

1970 year Ovechkin invited to the USSR national team. Grueling training, responsible all-union, international games. All is not in vain. In European competitions won gold. Tatyana Ovechkina is the first time European champion.

Another important event in the life of Tatiana in this period: she is getting married, and in 1972 the firstborn Sergey is born. But to enjoy motherhood in full did not work. Another month was not his son, and she was already on the court. Then three leading players of the team went on maternity leave, and important competitions are on the nose. Ovechkin was persuaded to play.

Tatyana Nikolaevna told me that her husband was serving in the army at that time and was just in shock when he learned about his wife’s intention to enter the field. And her mother first categorically resisted: the child is small, the frost is on the street. Then she gave up and went with her.

Diapers washed, baby nursed and teammates. And success did not take long to wait - gold at the next European Championship.

Then more: Colombia, Italy, Poland. Triumphant victories. At the championship in Poland, Tatiana was named the best point guard.

Basketball player Ovechkina Tatyana considers the Olympic gold of Montreal (1976) and Moscow (1980) to be her most important awards.


Come watch Ovechkin. Trainings are canceled

For many years, Ovechkin was the world queen of basketball. She was jealous of the best players, even men. For 12 years of games for the national team did not lose any. Even a friendly one.

Basketball players of elite titled clubs hurried to Tatiana's matches. And Vladimir Kondrashin, the coach of the men's team of the USSR, led his players to the game, canceling any training. Recognition of Tatiana's sporting achievements was unconditional.

Brilliant point guard wizard ended

Even outstanding athletes linger for a short time at the top of the sports Olympus. Not everyone can reach once again the height, and age props up. In addition, stress, nervous stress - everything affects the health of an athlete more than any other.

Having a specialty coach, after graduating from MOGIFK, in 1984, Tatyana Ovechkina began to train young athletes.

In the dashing 90s, she is the head coach of the Dynamo women's basketball team. Next to her - husband and son Michael. Together they solved not only sports issues, but also material ones. Husband at night, even carrying cart. Money was needed for the maintenance of the club. Then there was the question of its dissolution. But family efforts and the help of the Moscow authorities helped the club survive in such a difficult time.

In the 98th Dynamo for the first time became the champion of Russia, taking this title from CSKA. Success consolidated in 1999, too.

Pupils of Ovechkin: Elena Shvaybovich, Julia Skopa, Elena Minaeva - basketball players, whom the award-winning coach is rightly proud of. 25 years in sports is a huge time, Tatyana Nikolayevna has something to share with her followers.


“The most important thing is the weather in the house …”

1968 Tatiana just returned from competitions in Bulgaria. All so stylish. Fashion clothes, accessories. Together with a friend and her boyfriend came to the stadium "Dynamo". High beautiful girl attracted the attention of one of the players, “Dynamo”. It was Mikhail Ovechkin. He approached her and jokingly asked to treat him with ice cream …

This was the first meeting of the future parents of three sons. Which, by the way, is also a record for athletes of their rank. But they really wanted a daughter. Already the name was chosen - Alexander.

Spouses live together. Although Tatiana Nikolaevna confesses: they quarreled, and there were other problems. But he doesn’t like to wash dirty linen in public houses, at home, at work. He does not like to complain about the difficult mother test - the loss of his eldest son Sergey.

Tatyana Ovechkina is soon 66. But she is full of optimism. He is engaged in social activities, constantly up to date with the affairs of his favorite Dynamo club. There is something to remember, there is something to live. And sons constantly delight parents with their success. And for the woman the main thing is the weather in the house.

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