Governor of the Irkutsk Region: the path of the builder to power


The governor of the Irkutsk Region, Sergei Levchenko, is one of the old-school government figures; he began his political career in the days of the USSR, having worked in the party apparatus and even managed the district. Unlike many of his colleagues, he had a serious professional career, he went from master to chief engineer, supervised large construction projects. The honored builder managed to get to the post of governor of the Irkutsk region only from the third attempt in 2015.

Labor activity

An authoritative statesman was born in 1953 in Novosibirsk, where he spent his childhood and youth. He grew up in a low-income family and tried to find a serious, respected profession. To this end, Sergei G. entered the Novosibirsk Institute of Civil Engineering, choosing the faculty of "Industrial and civil construction."


After graduation, the young specialist was assigned to Krasnoyarsk Territory for distribution, where he began to work as a simple craftsman in the construction of a local aluminum plant. He worked diligently, showed professionalism and quickly moved up the career ladder. Having passed the way from master to foreman, after six years Sergey Levchenko reached the post of head of the section.

In 1982, a young and talented engineer was appointed head of the Angarsk Department of Stalkonstruktsii, which he successfully supervised until 1987.

Coming into politics

Perhaps Sergei Levchenko would continue to work until retirement in the construction industry, but in 1986 perestroika broke out, the parties needed new young cadres. Sergei Georgievich perfectly met all the requirements of the party nomenclature and began to master the hard work of the hardware worker. He was elected deputy of the district and city councils of people's deputies of Angarsk, diligently worked in local committees.


From 1987 to 1991, Sergei Georgievich was the second, and then the first secretary of the city committee of the party in Angarsk, actually performing the duties of the mayor.

The collapse of the USSR temporarily suspended the political career of a convinced communist. At this time, he returned to construction, becoming the general director of SMU "Stalkonstruktsiya" in Angarsk. Having corrected his financial situation and firmly on his feet, Sergey Levchenko again turns to political activities. In 1994, leaving no place for the general director, he was elected a deputy to the regional legislative assembly. Three years later, Levchenko is making his first attempt to become the governor of the Irkutsk region. However, in a bitter struggle, he lost to the acting head of the region, Boris Govorin.


In 1999, Sergei Georgievich decided to try his abilities as a politician at the national level and put forward his candidacy for the post of State Duma deputy. Together with other deputies of the federal list of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, he successfully passed the elections and began to work in the main parliament of the country.

Here Levchenko developed an active activity, not limited to passive participation in legislative work, he worked conscientiously in the Committee on Energy, Transport and Communications, and participated in the initiatives of the Agro-Industrial Group.


In 2001, Sergey Georgievich made a second attempt to be elected governor of the Irkutsk region. Again his rival was Boris Govorin, who was not going to yield his old chair without a fight. In the first round, the winner was not revealed, and in the second round Govorin won. Moreover, the difference between him and Levchenko was only 2 percent, which gave rise to talk about the active involvement of the regional administration in the counting of votes.

Nevertheless, Sergei Levchenko did not lose heart and continued his parliamentary activities. In 2004-2007, he worked in the Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk Region, heading the local Communist Party faction. In 2007, he returned to the State Duma, where he remained until 2015.

Third attempt

In 2015, the former governor of the Irkutsk Region was dismissed, Sergey Yroshchenko was temporarily appointed to replace him. Levchenko felt an opportunity to fulfill his cherished dream and instantly returned to Irkutsk, where he began to prepare for his third election race.


Despite the support of the central government, inexperienced Sergei Eroshchenko could not with his experienced communist, who had worked in the region for many years and had considerable prestige among the population. Gaining 56 percent of the vote, Levchenko won the gubernatorial election and led the Irkutsk region.

After the inauguration and assumption of office, the politician made a number of policy statements. He promised to pay attention to the development of the agrarian complex of the region, to focus on the restoration of collective farms in the northern regions.

Despite a number of high-profile resignations lately, as of the year 2017, the governor of the Irkutsk region is still an old communist. He is an exemplary family man, married, he has a son and three daughters. The son of the governor of the Irkutsk region Levchenko owns JSC "Stalkonstruktsiya".

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