Actor Vladimir Smirnov: biography and filmography


The surname Smirnov is one of the first in the list of the most common in Russia. And to meet a person who has the same surname as you have is far from uncommon in our time. Coincidences are found everywhere, and very often they unite people of different professions, characters, mores and ages. Very often, people do not realize how many people have the same last name. Even in the world of cinema there are coincidences not only of surnames, but also of names. A great example of such a coincidence can serve as two wonderful actor, bearing the name and surname of Vladimir Smirnov. Throughout their lives, they have made a great contribution to the development of the cinema of the countries in which they lived, and so far many films of their years are considered relevant and interesting.

Vladimir Smirnov - Russian actor


This amazing actor and man was truly committed to his work. He gave himself without a trace, dissolving in the role. Each of his films is a work of art, an invaluable contribution and a bright trace in history. Vladimir Smirnov is an actor whose biography has very few facts from his life and a lot of the roles he played. All we know about him is that he was born in 1937, and already in 1956 the first film was made with his participation. He played the saxophonist in a comedy musical film by Eldar Ryazanov. Then he was not even indicated in the credits, but two years later a new film was released, where Vladimir Smirnov played a more prominent role. The actor continued to be removed, and more and more often on the screens of millions began to appear films with his participation. The flowering of his creative career began.

"Seventeen Moments of Spring"


This film was released in 1973, but still is one of the most beloved by more than one generation. He relies on real life events, has an excellent scenario, literally immersing himself in the atmosphere of the time shown in him. The role of the owner of a safe house was played in this film by Vladimir Smirnov, films with the participation of which were already known to a wide audience. He almost always performed the roles of the military, law enforcement officers or executive bodies, but the role of the Gestapo was one of the most famous.

One of the best was the main role in the movie "Meet me at the fountain." Smirnov played Sergei Dolganov, a master who seeks to make the world around him a little more beautiful and creates real fountains in all the cities he visits. All this is done from the heart, and it was precisely this simplicity, serenity and romance that was brought to the people by the actor playing the role.



For 46 years of his acting career, Vladimir Smirnov managed to play in fifty-six films and serial tapes. He became a true darling of many women, men admired his will and character, which he demonstrated, performing truly complex roles. I wanted to worry, swear and cry with him. He attracted attention with his charisma, style of play and attractiveness.

The most famous films with his participation:

• "Military Secret" (1958);

• "A person without a passport" (1966);
• "Seventeen Moments of Spring" (1973);
• "Meet me at the fountain" (1976);
• "Pirates of the twentieth century" (1979);
• "Attention! All posts …" (1985);
• The Scavenger (2001);
• "Red-hot Saturday" (2002).

Contribution to the Soviet and Russian cinema

Vladimir Smirnov - an actor who is impossible not to love. He gave the country a lot of great characters, role models and images that have been deposited in memory for a long time. They learn from the mistakes of his heroes, laugh at them and empathize with them, worry about them and rejoice with them. Actor Smirnov Vladimir Fedorovich opened up new facets of creativity and cinema for people. He showed it precisely as a unique art form - great and sublime. The actor was gone in 2003.

Vladimir Smirnov - Bulgarian actor


The story of this man begins in June 1942 in the city of Chernogorsk, the Republic of Khakassia. He was born in the family of a simple performer of romances Maria and a pilot Nicholas, who died in the battle of Stalingrad. He was raised by his grandmother, the boy studied at the Suvorov School. Vladimir Smirnov did not want to follow in his father’s footsteps, he was more attracted to the scene. Perhaps that is why as a child he wanted to enroll in a theater institute and be an actor. After graduating from college, he realized his dream and entered one of the oldest and largest educational institutions - the Leningrad Theater Institute (now the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts).

After graduation, Vladimir Nikolaevich entered the service in the Leningrad Theater. Lenin Komsomol (now St. Petersburg State Theater "Baltic House"). At twenty-five, he married a Bulgarian student, Spasova Silvia, and with her left the country and moved to live in Bulgaria. It was there that he began his acting activity in cinematography. Became very popular among local viewers, especially its popularity increased in the seventies and eighties. While abroad, he retained Russian citizenship. Actor Smirnov Vladimir Nikolaevich died on August 10, 2000 in the Bulgarian city of Sofia. The actor was unable to cope with the consequences of a severe stroke, which was the reason for his early departure from life. At the time of his death he was only 59 years old.



Among contemporaries, there are also people who want to write their surname in large letters in the history of the country. One of these people is Vladimir Albertovich Smirnov. This man did a lot of good things for art and charity, winning the love, respect and trust of a huge number of people. Together with his like-minded people, he organized two large organizations whose activities are aimed at improving the quality of life and the spiritual development of many people.

"The Foundation of Contemporary Art"

In 2008, the foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin was founded in Moscow. The Foundation for Contemporary Art has become a real platform for the implementation of its plans and ideas by young talents. The Foundation supports any initiatives of the authors, without fear of bold decisions, crazy ideas and allowing them to openly express themselves in their paintings. The Foundation has organized many exhibitions. The works presented on them were notable for the expression and courage of self-expression, originality and unlimited flight of fancy embodied on the canvas. In just a few years, from a small, little-known organization, the foundation turned into the cultural heritage of the whole world and opened many new original authors to art lovers. Currently, it continues to evolve and is rapidly gaining popularity among broad circles of society.


Public Charitable Foundation

Another of the funds that have received an excellent reputation is the Vladimir Smirnov Public Foundation, which is engaged in charity. He successfully develops, implements and finances many charitable projects. The Foundation also co-finances many programs to support the elderly and the disabled, organizes leisure activities and recreation for children during the holidays, now it has its own summer camp, in which not only ordinary children, but also special children will have a rest. These will be children with disabilities and children from disadvantaged families. Every child will receive the necessary help, support and care. The foundation also engages in campaigning and attracting more and more new people to charity work, conducting regular work with the public, developing and multiplying its achievements in the development of volunteering in Russia.


Looking at all the merits that these amazing people have achieved, willy-nilly, you begin to think about the influence of a surname on the fate of a person. And let it sound a little silly, but now the name Vladimir Smirnov, perhaps, is on the threshold of creating a collective image. The image of a pure man, sincere, kind and incredibly talented. A person capable of creating beauty, performing noble deeds and not asking for anything in return, living to make the world a better place and showing that any activity is first of all desire, willpower, strong character and, of course, a good heart.

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