Who are the haters?


In the lyrics of rap artists it is very often possible to meet the word hater (“hater”). What are they so remarkable if they are mentioned in almost every song of the rapper? Who are the haters? Who can be called so, and whom - no? Let's try to understand this very interesting question.


Translated from English, a hater is a person who hates someone for some reason. The reason for the hatred in this case is someone else's success, recognition, popularity and money. For many rappers, all this symbolizes success. That is, some performers have the recognition of listeners, and those who have not achieved what they aspire, perceive someone else’s success as their own personal defeat. That, in general, is the simplest explanation of who the haters are.

What does a haiter do?

Basically, such people are engaged in expressing their opinion about who is more successful than him. As a rule, he does not openly speak about his hatred, for this he lacks courage. He registers on the thematic forum or in a chat, under some kind of creepy nickname (for example, “BLOOD FONTAN”) and start criticizing everyone and everything. However, his comments are often not grounded.


The reason for this behavior is youthful maximalism. After all, who are the haters? These are those who claim that this performer (track, style, musical direction, whatever) is a complete mess, but this is a really worthwhile thing. And it makes no sense to argue with him, in this case, no arguments will help. For a hayter, only his opinion is correct and only his words are true. Belief in the correctness and misunderstanding of the fact that there may be other opinions are the main components of the most ordinary hayter. Over time, many people stop saying something like "I am a heiter." It becomes not so important who is cool and who is not. But there are people who retain youthful maximalism and in 30 years.

Some individuals have the unique ability to contain so much malice, hatred and envy. They can be both serious rivals, and simply primitive personalities. In any case, you need to learn to recognize the haters.

How to deal with such people?

In principle, it is clear who such hater, but how to behave with such envious and haters? The ideal response to their secret attacks will be complete disregard. Even if you are strangled by rage, be nice and calm in communication with the hater. Do not go to the individual, communicate with him briefly and in the case. After all, most of their behavior they try to hide their insecurity and fear (to be misunderstood and unaccepted by the public). The worst kind of hayter is a person who does not show his true attitude. In communication with you, they are extremely friendly and sweet, and behind your back they will begin to discuss you (your creativity, style, etc.).


Haters have been and always will be. One must learn to distinguish criticism from envy. Reasonable comments make us grow and become better. And on the envious, discussing you behind your back, do not pay attention. It doesn't matter if you listen to rap, write it (or do something else) - learn to understand where the critic is, and where is the heit.

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