Dolphinarium (Vityazevo): schedule, reviews


The infrastructure of the resort village of Vityazevo is constantly expanding. In June 2013, the Nemo Dolphinarium was opened on its territory. Vityazevo is now famous for three wonderful places for recreation and lively entertainment.

Tourists are having fun in the Olympia themed water park with decoration in the Greek style. They like to relax in the entertainment park "Byzantium". And from visiting the dolphinarium, located on the embankment, they are in indescribable delight.



Dolphinarium (Vityazevo) was built on the famous promenade of Paralia. It is located at Nikolayevskiy passage, in the building under №4. The complex is located on the right side of the entrance to the embankment. It is surrounded by numerous cafes and restaurants with colorful Greek interiors, night discos and souvenir shops with hand-made. It is adjacent to an amusement park.


Enjoy the magnificent shows of marine animals, watch the spectacular exposition of the oceanarium, buy souvenirs in shops and shops, relax in restaurants and cafes come to the dolphinarium. Vityazevo is proud of a new cultural and entertainment complex that brings joy to tourists and old-timers of the resort.

In the Dolphinariums, “Nemo”, relying on the progressive world achievements in science, created an ideal ecosystem as close as possible to its natural habitat that can provide comfortable living for marine mammals.

The optimum microclimate in the rooms and in the aquatic environment is maintained by means of controllable and adjustable parameters. This allows you to create an atmosphere in which sea animals feel comfortable.

After the show program ends, viewers are given the opportunity to interact with smart mammals. People experience the incredible joy of swimming with dolphins in the waters of the pools, harmonious unity with nature, experiencing bright moments.

What to do in dolphinariums

On the show program, where dolphins, sea lions and miniature white kittens act as artists, always a full house. She enjoys incredible popularity with the audience. Actors from the star company entertainment complex "Nemo" perform exciting acrobatic numbers, show fascinating dances. Show-presentation leaves indelible impressions and gives bright emotions.


Guests are offered a unique chance to swim with dolphins, to feel their ability to communicate with people. Dolphinarium (Vityazevo) is a unique complex where you can take photos with animals living in the seas and oceans.

In addition, visitors are invited to join the games and competitions with the participation of pets. And here they sell amazing pictures painted by dolphins.


The unique Dolphinarium (Vityazevo) is not just an entertainment complex. It deals with serious medical and psychological rehabilitation of children. The health of children in “Nemo” is restored using the unique techniques of dolphin therapy.


Rehabilitation programs based on communication with dolphins, developed by experienced professional psychologists. They are aimed at combating mental disorders. Thanks to them, they manage to cope with nervous disorders. Using them, relieve chronic fatigue. With their help, achieve dynamics in children with developmental delays.

Dolphin therapy sessions are held under the guidance of experienced specialists and child psychologists who collaborate with the international network "Nemo". The therapeutic effect, based on communication with dolphins, is celebrated instantly. In children, the mood rises. They break with fatigue, apathy and irritability. They are filled with vitality and energy.

Operation mode

Recreational water complex is open from Tuesday to Sunday. The weekend is arranged on Mondays. 5 sessions per day will organize for visitors a dolphinarium (Vityazevo). The schedule of sessions: 10-30, 12-30, 15-00, 18-00 and 20-00.

Ticket price

The entrance ticket for one person costs 600 rubles. For group visits, the price of an adult ticket is 500, and a child’s ticket is 480 rubles. Reduced ticket price reduced by 50%. They are used by large families, those who participated in hostilities and disabled people of groups I and II. Free admission is open to children under 5 years old.

The price of dolphin therapy sessions depends on the season. They cost, as a rule, 3000-5000 rubles. The cost of swimming with dolphins is affected by the duration of the session. For 5 minutes of swimming in the company of smart mammals you will have to pay 3, 000, and for 10 - 4, 500 rubles.

For photographs on the water are asked to pay 1500 rubles. For the services of the photographer have to pay 500 rubles. For permission to take a photo with your camera, you need to deposit 450 rubles to the cashier.


Reviews about dolphinariums "Nemo"

Most of the visitors only pleasant emotions delivers Dolphinarium in Vityazevo. Reviews about him are enthusiastic. Animal performances give everyone moments of joy and fun. Viewers like touching shows during which dolphins, seals, white whales and sea lions perform. They perform a variety of amazing tricks: jumping, dancing, singing and even drawing. A picture painted by dolphins is being auctioned off.

The impression is a little greased by excessively loud music. More visitors point to the high cost of photos and swimming with dolphins. They noted cases of rudeness on the part of the staff and lack of professionalism of the photographer.

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