Irina Krasilnikova - beautiful Kulbaba, an interesting personality and a bright mystery


The article will talk about the famous young girl Irina Krasilshchikova come from Ukraine. It will be told directly about her phenomenal career, which she began to build since childhood, about her personal life and other details.

Lovely Kulbaba

Irina Krasilnikova is not the most popular name among movie stars, but anyone who has ever seen this beauty will appreciate her charm and feminine charm. A bright big-eyed girl with big, spectacular lips first appeared on a television screen in 2004. A young Vudzha Kulbaba came to the Ukrainian music channel. Feminine and sexy Kulbaba Ira quickly gained popularity and love of viewers.


Irina Krasilnikova appreciated. Shot with shots on the cover of the magazine, where the beautiful maiden more than once flashed her bright appearance. Following the printing industry, Irina Krasilnikova was followed by directors who showed a desire to see her image on the cinema site. Thus, step by step, the M20 hit-parade presenter gradually gained popularity and fame.

Interesting person

Irina Krasilnikova before her appearance on the TV screens led an interesting versatile lifestyle. She was born on the Crimean peninsula and, apparently, her childhood, spent under the bright rays of the sun, charged her with inexhaustible energy for her entire future adult life.

Ira attracted to engage in any kind of art, she showed talent in the field of painting. She was also attracted to theatrical activities, and she enjoyed attending drama groups. Since childhood, the girl was fond of music, which mainly influenced the future rise in her career. Ira with great enthusiasm mastered musical instruments: guitar and piano. However, the singing did not leave her indifferent. The girl improved her vocal abilities.


Despite all the creative manifestations, Irina grew up an invulnerable girl with a desire to acquire the ability to stand up for herself. Martial arts took a worthy place among its vigorous activity.

Bright and mysterious

Irina Krasilnikova with the presence of a beautiful appearance, having a large baggage of talents, could not stay away from the cinema. Red-haired beauty flashes in clips, appears in TV shows and movies. In the image of a black-haired vamp woman, she appears in the film "Casanova", where she can be recognized as Ukrainian Angelina Jolie. So beautiful, effectively and well-groomed looks this slim woman.

Irina Krasilnikova also left an imprint in her biography, as an artist. In 2008, she opened an exhibition of her paintings, organized a charity foundation. She was the face of the Crimean charts. Painting and music are of great importance in the life of a former DJ.


Irina Krasilnikova does not make any special changes in her personal life. Apparently, the talent of the future wife and caring mistress has not yet awakened in her. Her life is full of various colors. After a television career, Irina made a trip to the UK, and even had an acquaintance with the representatives of the royal family. However, Irina Krasilnikova is in no hurry to start a family. As she herself says: "Everything has its time."

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