How to make a demotivator?


Prototypes of modern demotivators had little to do with what is now understood by this word. The first posters of this kind appeared in response to Soviet propaganda posters, placed in educational institutions and at workplaces, calling for vigorous productive activities, performing a specific action, observing established rules, or decrying their violation. Often propaganda was conducted in such a boring and unsightly form that it led to the creation of many parodies.


Demotivator now

More and more images, called demotivators, have little in common with this concept, being simply original pictures consisting of a photo or a picture and a commentary on it, mainly of a humorous nature. However, they have a fairly well-regulated format:

  • Usually black background color (as least stimulating).
  • Illustrative part.
  • The main phrase or word, located mainly under the photo or picture, typed in large print.
  • An explanation of the idea, executed in smaller font

Unique components. Where to get?

The text used in demotivators most often are aphorisms and idioms, sayings of famous people and popular quotes. The originality of the Internet poster mainly determines the picture. To become the owner of an exclusive image, the first to post it in a blog or social network is not at all difficult. There are several ways:

  • To photograph or draw in the specialized program itself (by analogy - the text - to invent).
  • Order a picture or joke / aphorism to another person (but this option will require some costs).
  • Scan an illustration from a book or magazine and transfer it to a computer (however, there is no guarantee that someone has not posted it before).
  • Find an image or text online and redo it. The easiest way to change the picture is a mirror image, in most cases horizontally (this can be done with the help of some programs).

However, the possession of the original picture is only the first step in the independent creation of a demotivator. How to make an online poster? Very simple!


How to make a demotivator yourself?

Demotivator is not just an image and text. All components will need to lead to a certain form. To do this, you can choose the most convenient option.

1. Online services. There are a lot of them. Everything is simple and similar in use. Just select the background color, upload a picture and text. Each editor has its advantages and disadvantages over similar ones, but the following are common disadvantages:

  • On the final image there will be a watermark, indicating that the site is used, with which the demotivator picture was made.
  • Online services have limited editing options for the original image and text format.

On the Internet portals there are a number of restrictions on the content of created posters. It is better to get acquainted with them before you make a demotivator:

  • It is forbidden to use any images and statements that have at least a hint of pedophilia.
  • Inscriptions consisting of a random set of letters and symbols, any other obvious nonsense are not accepted (and too hackneyed slogans receive a minus rating).
  • Banned advertising materials, as well as offensive to religious communities, famous and unknown specific individuals.
  • Censorship prohibits demonstration of the scene of brutal violence and calls for it.
  • Other images and texts that do not comply with the site’s policy and the ideas of its administration about the concept of “demotivator” will be rejected (ordinary pictures with a funny caption may receive a forced “no demotivator” label.

2. Special programs. The principle of operation of such programs is similar to online services, only without marking the result with a watermark and censorship. In order to use them, it is enough to set the required search query, select the program and download it to your computer.

3. Graphic editors. Well-known programs - graphic editors (Photoshop, Paint, etc.), can also be used to create a demotivator. How to do it in a specific program? This is the most comprehensive and accessible training resources.


How to make a demotivator - everyone decides for himself, but despite the variety of ways to create them, themes and types (classical, comic, philosophical, social), all of them are united by the paradox, the contrast between image and text.

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