The best ice towns: list, rating, description and feedback from visitors


Many do not like the onset of cold weather. They say that at this time there is practically nothing to do and nowhere to go. However, in many Russian cities there is a place that will become a real entertainment for everyone and make you forget about the cold - these are ice towns.

Ice Town - the best entertainment in the winter

In Russia, a popular art form, such as the creation of ice towns. In winter, when in the pre-New Year period the atmosphere of a holiday and expectations of a miracle is in the air, a visit to such a fabulous place can not leave anyone indifferent. After all, this is a whole city that is completely made of ice and snow. It can house skillfully made sculptures, thematic figures, whole castles, slides of various sizes, real labyrinths and stories of children's fairy tales. The central figures of such a town are, as a rule, the New Year tree and Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden.


To build ice camps, at least 20 people are required, including representatives from a wide variety of professions: designers, sculptors, builders, architects, engineers, workers and electricians.

The themes may be completely different, for example, plots of well-known fairy tales loved since childhood, or elements of national culture.

The best ice towns of Russia 2016

The ranking of the best cities made of pure ice is headed by:

  1. "New Year's Eve and Christmas miracle", Ekaterinburg;
  2. "Legends of Cosmos", Novosibirsk;
  3. "Perm the Great", Perm.

In each of them, the opening of the ice town was a real event. According to visitors, the real works of art were created. The motives of Russian folk tales, the opportunity to find yourself in an icy space and pride in the sights of the city, immortalized in the ice - all this was this year for guests of the snowy cities. Now, after completing the work of the ice kingdom, visitors warmly recall the beauty and grandeur of the structures, as well as the opportunity to find themselves again in childhood.

Ice Town in Yekaterinburg

Ice towns are an integral attribute of the annual New Year holidays in Yekaterinburg. In 2016, the theme of the snow fairy tale was "New Year's Eve and the miracle of Christmas." Ice figures of Father Frost and Snow Maiden, arches decorated in the style of ancient Russian architecture, snow tower with turrets surrounded by Christmas trees - all this could be seen by visitors of the town this year. In addition, for children built a playground with lots of slides, mazes and an ice bowl.


The fence in the form of frosty lace protected the ice town from unauthorized entry. This year Yekaterinburg opened it for visitors on December 29, and the attraction operated until January 24. The innovations of this year were benches with patterns that were set specifically for parents whose children play on the territory of the entertainment complex. 5 thousand bulbs with 18 shades on the main tree of the city shone for the citizens around the clock. According to visitors, the ice town of this year was one of the most beautiful and interesting. The huge hill with a 70-meter slope aroused the delight of all small and adult guests, without exception. Residents of Yekaterinburg have not left without an assessment and the attention of the authorities to all age categories of visitors to the town, everyone found something to do in the snow kingdom.

Ice town in Novosibirsk

As usual, the ice town became a favorite place for recreation in the winter period for the citizens. Novosibirsk this year decided to give its guests the opportunity to visit the icy space. All the sculptures and slides of the town were devoted to this topic. Visitors could see a labyrinth in the shape of the Solar System, a slide in the form of an observatory and many other ice wonders. Commendable reviews of residents of Novosibirsk and guests of the city prove the justification of the efforts of the authorities, who organized a real holiday. Spiral slide with a launching rocket was recognized as the main ice object.


Also during the New Year holidays, the residence of Santa Claus operated on the territory of the town, and entertainment events were organized for visitors of all ages. Cozy cafes made it possible to warm up and eat well. A skating rink and rides have become fun for older guests. Many visitors admit that during a visit to the ice town they had fun and relaxed, forgetting about their age.

Ice town in Perm

Pre-New Year's time was marked by the fact that, finally, the beloved ice town was opened by everyone. Perm has devoted it to the sights of the city. The spirit of patriotism shone through in all the sculptures. All the ice figures symbolized legends and monuments that are dear to each citizen: the “Usolsky Chambers”, “Lysva fortress” slides and others. 8 figures of bears, Father Frost, Snow Maiden and a monkey, as a symbol of the coming year, completed the winter composition.

The figure of "Queen of Kama" height of 7 m has become a real work of art. The hem of the statue ended with a 500-meter labyrinth of pure ice.


An entertainment program was held daily for visitors. During the work of the ice town, residents of Perm and guests of the city participated in the marathon that was held online. Participation was the fact that visitors posted photos on social networks with especially beloved sculptures. The grandeur of the construction of the ice town "Perm Velikaya" did not leave anyone indifferent. The snow kingdom even witnessed the birth of a future family when a young man made an offer to his girlfriend among ice sculptures.

Ice Town - an opportunity to find yourself in a fairy tale

Not only for children, but also for many adults, ice camps have opened up a wonderful opportunity to find yourself in a fairy-tale world of snow and ice. Every winter, the people of Russia are eagerly awaiting their discovery, wondering what they have prepared for them this time. The fact that every year the entertainment complex is devoted to a specific topic adds a little intrigue to the wait.


The best ice towns of 2016 in Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Perm did not leave anyone indifferent among the visitors. In addition to the fabulous atmosphere, visiting such an entertainment complex is a cultural and sports holiday for the whole family.

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