Yoko Ono is the second wife of John Lennon. Life and art


Yoko Ono is known to the general public, primarily as the wife of John Lennon. Although she had achieved considerable success in her life before meeting him. The musician himself said about her that she was "the most famous of unknown artists." Who is Yoko Ono?

Childhood and family

Yoko was born in 1933 in a noble Japanese family. Her father was an aristocrat and ruled the American branch of Bank of Japan. Mother came from a kind of bankers and was engaged in creativity. The first years of her life, Yoko lived with her mother in Tokyo.

At the age of three, she attended a music school for gifted children. Yoko always had a strong and quite capricious character, admired strong and self-confident people. The family lived in America, then in Japan. Yoko entered the faculty of philosophy at Gakushuin University and then studied music and literature at Sarah Lawrence College.


In 1956, in spite of her parents, the girl married the composer Tosi Itiyanagi. Thanks to her husband, Yoko met the New York avant-garde artists, which was one of the defining moments of her life.

She completely plunged into the avant-garde, arranging eccentric performances and performances. The public was only amused, and the reviews by critics were extremely disappointing. In response, a series of depressions and suicide attempts followed. In 1962, her father sent her to a psychiatric hospital in Japan.

Return to art

His creative antics Yoko still managed to attract attention. Anthony Cox admired her special. He pulled her out of the hospital and took her back to New York. Anthony became her second husband. In 1963, they had a daughter, Keko.

He was a real fan of Yoko, helped with the organization of performances and exhibitions. Before the discovery of one of them, the artist met John Lennon. In 1966, he went to the indica gallery. The musician was not impressed by the avant-garde, believing that he was positioning a complete denial of everything, but, seeing the word “yes” on one of the exhibits, he decided to remain at the exhibition.

Acquaintance with Yoko began with an unusual dispute. John saw the inscription "hit a nail" and wished to fulfill what was written on the exhibit. The artist allowed to do this, but only for five shillings. Lennon replied that he would give imaginary money, and would drive an imaginary nail. “This is how our meeting happened, she felt something, I felt something, and the rest is history, as they say.”

Wife of John Lennon

Yoko Ono was seven years older than Lennon. Their first meeting grew into big feelings gradually, although the initiative came from her. The artist sent John notes, persistently called him, guarding the house. Over time, they began to communicate. Discussing politics, philosophy, he found an interesting personality and mentor in Yoko.

The first wife of John Lennon was worried about the appearance of a rival, and finding them once in bed, filed for divorce. Lennon and Yoko began to live together and soon got married. “I know that when I met John, the women were just servants for him. He had to open up and deal with a woman like me. ”

The musician fully picked up her crazy experimental ideas, two rebellious spirits joined. New wife of John Lennon (see photo below) inspired him to create joint projects. The brightest was “interview in bed”, when a couple answered questions from journalists while lying in their pajamas in bed.


Eastern Dragon

John everywhere appeared in company with Yoko. The artist entered his life when the Beatles were at the height of their glory, and she was immediately perceived as a threat. She attended the rehearsals and recordings of the group, which previously was a taboo for team members.

The differences between the musicians grew. The legendary The Beatles fell apart in 1970, and this was not the reason, although many decided that it was Yoko who was to blame. The name of the wife of John Lennon increasingly appeared in the media. She was christened the eastern dragon, the female destroyer.


The public considered Yoko a manipulator, a sorceress who stupefied a brilliant performer. John was offended by such statements. Repeatedly in an interview, he said that he had long wanted to leave the group, the obligation to write songs on a contract and disputes over the championship with McCartney burdened him. He admired his wife, her perseverance and confidence, noting that she opened his freedom to him.

Music, politics, art

In 1969, John and Yoko set up their own music studio and set up their own Plastic Ono Band, in which John created his best album, Imagine. They used their fame to popularize their political beliefs about peace without war and aggression.

The wife of John Lennon did not give up creativity, and after his death. An artist, a business woman, a singer - all these definitions undoubtedly fit Yoko. At 76, she was a leader in dance chats with her own single I'm Not Getting Enough. Yoko regularly organizes concerts, organizes new projects.


The main feature of her work is the interaction with the audience by the method of interactivity. Yoko exhibitions are held around the world, remaining unpredictable and involving. On one of the performances, she sat on the stage, allowing the audience to cut off the pieces from their clothes, until she remained naked. So the artist symbolically assumed the cruelty and coarseness of the world.

Yoko became a conductor of conceptual art even before the appearance of this term. Back in 1964, she published the Grapefruit book with a set of ideas and instructions for creating creative works, in which she called to allow copying works and destroy the originals. With her originality and originality, Yoko has fully proved that she is not just John Lennon's wife, but also a completely self-sufficient artist.

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