Left Bank Registry Office: hours of operation, photos and reviews


A wedding ceremony is something that everyone goes through in life. If someone else was not involved in the process of creating a family, then it was definitely present as a guest at least once. Although all the ceremonies have much in common, each pair manages to create a unique atmosphere suitable only for the two of them. To make a holiday with charm, you need to think over everything to the smallest detail, and you should start by choosing the registry office.


Meeting place can not be Changed

Muscovites have plenty to choose from: there is no need to attach to a specific office. That's why it is not easy to understand which department of the registering body to choose In the article we discuss the left bank registry office. This is one of the cherished places in the capital, which is chosen by hearts in love for the union.

Previously, it was called Leningradsky, but after 1975 the department moved from the Dinamo metro station to Rechnoy Vokzal and was renamed the Left Bank Registry Office. Office address - Festivalnaya Street, 9, remains to this day. The River Station District is a new, modern capital, far from the overpopulated city center. Of course, it is convenient to have an alternative in Moscow in the form of transport: you can get it either by private car or by high-speed metro. The distance from the station is only 50 meters, and it is easier to turn a limousine from the Leningradskoye highway than to drive along lanes in the center of the old city. Such a convenient location remains unshakable advantage in the city with round the clock traffic.

The northern part of the capital has its own attractions. Increasingly, those who marry prefer to visit the nearby Red Hill, instead of rushing to the Kremlin. You can also choose a restaurant nearby: you do not have to stand for hours in Moscow traffic jams.

For which the Left Bank Civil Registry Office constantly receives negative reviews, it is for the decoration of the courtyard, which does not at all correspond to the festive atmosphere. Guests want to admire the flowerbeds declared on the official website instead of the mass of garbage left over from previous ceremonies. In addition, the facade of the building itself has not been repaired for a long time and looks very unobtrusive and ordinary. Therefore, upon arrival, the feeling of celebration is lost. Fortunately, not for long.

The main thing - what's inside


The interior space has a beautiful interior. All premises were fully renovated in 2008, and since then the Left Bank Civil Registry Office has been associated primarily with elegance. Peach curtains, high ceilings, beautiful tapestries - all these thoughtful nuances of the interior create an amazing atmosphere of luxurious living. The furniture is impressive as well: luxurious banquettes with rounded handrails and console tables combined with modern pink high-tech sofas. All rooms are beautifully lit with built-in lights and hanging candelabra, and the central hall is crowned with a luxurious crystal chandelier. At the long-awaited hour, the Left Bank ZAGS opens its high doors made of solid wood and opens the door to a new life for a young family.

In the role of the groom

A special room is provided for the bride, where she and her friends can make final preparations for the wedding. The groom is more difficult, for him a special corner is not allotted. And the role of the newly-made spouse becomes especially difficult when leaving the premises. A young husband, carrying his beloved woman in his arms, should bypass the decorative sculpture in the form of a giant ring. Usually it ends successfully, but still this symbol of love deserves more complaints than the trash can in the yard. Because the office management has something to think about.

Ceremony master

As for the solemn ceremony, the whole country conducts it according to the standard procedure, the Moscow Left Bank registrar was no exception. Reviews are unusually different. Some of the spouses were treated tactfully and attentively: despite the couple being very late, the staff were able to find the opportunity and time to hold a real celebration, with congratulations and the reading of poems. Other couples, on the contrary, presented the place as a delivered flow conveyor, where they fail to make even a minimum. But how many people, so many opinions.


In any case, much depends on the people who organize the ceremony, but it is equally important to keep a positive attitude in love, because all these little things are quickly forgotten in the end, and the family remains for a lifetime.

During the celebration, you can order a live performance of music. It is worth the extra investment, but the march of Mendelssohn performed by strings sounds surprisingly touching.

Let's help celebrate


You can purchase photo and video services, as in any other state registration office. They are quite high quality, although expensive. The recording time is calculated in minutes (on average, the ceremony lasts 15 minutes), and the cost is several thousand. All guests can watch the video, which offers to purchase Levoberezhny registry office. Photos are paid separately, and professional photographers, who are offered to contact employees, take several times more independent artists. And yet it is the wedding photographer that is the person who should not be saved, because he helps not only to save memory for long times, but, literally, creates a story with the young and all guests. The administration does not impose its services and allows you to shoot the entire process on its own.

For all those present, it is possible to organize a buffet in a separate room. This is a pleasant nuance that is impossible in many other registry offices, and even the Palaces of the wedding of Moscow. However, it is here that the champagne rumbles louder, the most spiritual toasts are pronounced, and the most bitter sweets are eaten.

Time to live

In order to hold a celebration on the left bank, you must submit an application for one month. This is the standard time lengthening for the Wedding Palaces. However, in some cases, the ceremony can be performed in a shorter period. If the groom is military, then it is quite possible to keep within two weeks, and in exceptional cases - in a couple of days.


A favorite day for joining the union is Friday. On this day, as well as on other weekdays, the Left-Bank Registrar holds its ceremonies from nine in the morning until six in the evening. Hours for the population on other issues from 9.00 to 17.30, taking into account the break from 13.30 to 15.00. Weekends are Sunday, Monday, and every fourth Thursday of the month - sanitary.

Of course, the Left Bank Civil Registry Office is not the only registering authority in Moscow. And yet, before deciding on the place of the ceremony, we should solve more important questions: "Are we ready for a new stage of life together?" and "Is this the person next to whom you can be sure of yourself?" When all the difficulties are over, and ahead of us is a world of great pleasures, then the choice of the registrar to make a lot easier.

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