Biography of young poetess Nastya Rybachuk


Poems are different: romantic, tragic, domestic and comic. Tyutchev, for example, liked to describe landscapes in verses, Yesenin - to cut off the mother-truth, and Pushkin, in turn, was a multi-faceted poet - wrote love poems, poetic novels and fairy tales. Currently, it is difficult for a newly minted poet to surprise a sophisticated audience. What kind of works have not heard modern man! However, among the talented poets come across units that can draw attention to his person.

Nastya Rybachuk - the author of satire and hooligan poems. A young girl can be deservedly considered the successor of the impudent Yesenin, her poems are filled with such humor and criticism.

The beginning of a creative way

In the city of Kandalaksha, a girl was born into the military family, who was named Anastasia. When the child was 3 years old, the family changed their place of residence and left the city.


The love for creativity was manifested in a girl from an early age; at eight, Nastya Rybachuk wrote her first poem. It was dedicated to a plump classmate who resented the young poetess with her indifferent attitude toward her physical disability. In the poem Nastya ridicules that a fat girl has unhappy feelings from losing a sandwich.

Nastya half in jest and at the same time half seriously says that a person does not have the right to be a failure. Life is a struggle, and only the strongest wins in it, only the one who strives for the best. It cannot be said that in such a cynical utterance there is no trace of truth.

Poems of the modern world

Nastya Rybachuk is a very sociable modern poet. She seeks dialogue with readers and fans. Creates sites and groups in social networks, without being embarrassed, openly talks about himself and his work to everyone interested. Her poems, saturated with the atmosphere and problems of the modern world, can not leave anyone indifferent. Some of the names of which only cost: "Sex and money", "Vulgarity", "I do not have a chest", "Ode to a small member" and much more.


The girl never wrote about nature or the weather and says that this topic will never be interesting to her, because everything has already been told to her.

Nastya Rybachuk in the photo looks like a pretty young girl, but in contrast to this, her works are filled with adult sarcasm and public criticism. Nastya asserts that in her rhymed lines she sticks to the side of the observer, and each person should decide for herself what kind of emotions the verse will cause - laughter or tears.

For her extraordinary creativity in 2015, Nastya was nominated for the National Literary Award “Poet of the Year”, which impressed even the author herself.

Through the thorns to the stars

Biography Nastya Rybachuk is not easy. The girl went through a rather laborious way to fulfill her dreams. She graduated from school with a gold medal, received two higher educations, was a promoter, sold shoes, cigarettes, and alcoholic beverages in the market, and was also an English tutor for a while.

The girl very much dreamed of going to America, saved up the necessary amount of money for the trip, and in the end her wish came true.

In 2013, Nastya Rybachuk took part in the Comedy Battle - a television comic show on TNT - where she was received with enthusiastic applause. Then she reached the semi-finals. The very first performance of the poetess made Garik Martirosyan fall under the table laughing. The whole room applauded vigorously.


In 2015, Nastya organized a performance in the UK with a demonstration of her poems in English. She dreamed of visiting America from a young age, and thanks to her perseverance and courage, she fulfilled her old dreams.

Nastya Rybachuk doesn’t talk much about her personal life. In one of the works she has the following lines: "I fall in love forever, I am not in those …". Perhaps in these words the poetess conveys the awkwardness of a failed personal life, and perhaps they reflect not the story itself, but the character of the poem.



Now she is at the dawn of her creative popularity, she works for herself, writes poems to order and dreams of writing poems for a children's audience in the future. Humorous it will be poetry or serious - time will tell. Cheerful, full of creative interesting ideas Nastya will surely achieve all her plans. Perhaps in the future, she will become one of the favorite children's writers.

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