What is the botanical garden (Vologda)


What is a newly opened botanical garden? Vologda is proud that in this city it was decided to create a unique object. Find out the details of the event.


Innovation northwest region

So, what can surprise a botanical garden (Vologda)? How to get to this tourist site? Before we talk about the location of the garden, we note that the project "Botany" has become part of the cluster "Nason-city". In the created greenhouse there are more than three hundred species of unique plants, they are collected in this place from different regions of the world.

How to get there

The new tourist site, which has already been visited by hundreds of domestic and foreign travelers, is the botanical garden in Vologda. Address: Vologda, Ershovsky Pereulok, 10a. You can get here by public transport (from the center is the 11th bus) or by private car.

We inform for those who decided to visit the Botanical Garden (Vologda) in the near future, the mode of the park: on weekdays - from 10 to 16 hours, on Saturday - from 10 to 17 hours.


Gallery features

The creators of this unique tourist site in their conversation with the press note that the main principle of the selection of exhibits was the distribution of all plants in individual zones of natural growth.

For guests, the Botanical Garden (Vologda) has prepared separate expositions by continents:

  • Asia;
  • America;
  • Australia.

Preliminary work

Before the botanical garden (Vologda) became accessible to tourists, a huge preliminary work was carried out. On average, it took thirty years to assemble the main exhibits for the opening of the greenhouse.

At present, visitors can see here the hamerops palm tree, which is 68 years old. In addition to plants, created in the garden "Botanica" and its own reservoir. It is inhabited by goldfish, which not only children, but also adult guests of the greenhouse love to watch. There is also a special room in which there are turtles, chameleons, parrots, butterflies.


Features of creation

The botanical garden (Vologda) appeared only thanks to the support of the city authorities. In developing this project, it was assumed that he would attract domestic and foreign travelers to himself, become the center for schoolchildren’s research and design work.

At present, it is safe to say that all the tasks assigned to the botanical garden are being successfully implemented in practice. This Vologda corner of the exotic is included in the large-scale program "Nason-city".

The city authorities are committed to creating high-quality infrastructure. As part of the project being created, for example, a serious reconstruction of the roadway in the city is implied. It was possible to carry out the first stage of the program, which consists in updating the quality of the road.

In the near future, the organization of comfortable parking for cars, so that you can easily get to the botanical garden on your own car. The entrance to the greenhouse is available for all categories of citizens.

The cost of the ticket for children, students of day departments of higher educational institutions is half the full price. For disabled people, children under the age of three years attend the botanical garden is free.

Employees of the greenhouse also created special family tickets, which allow young parents with children to significantly save money.



Now, residents of Vologda do not need to go for exotic to Australia or to Thailand. A lot of rare plants, reptiles, insects, birds from different parts of the globe were collected on the hospitable Vologda land. In the open botanical garden next door are huge green leaves of rare water lilies and amazing overgrown cacti. This project was the result of long-term joint work of representatives of local authorities and investors.

In addition to the desire to increase the tourist attractiveness of the region, its developers planned to increase the cognitive interest among adults and children in wildlife. The total area of ​​the created botanical garden is three thousand square kilometers.

To date, it has managed to collect almost a thousand rare plants that are distributed on different continents, excluding only Antarctica.

The principle of zoning, used in a botanical garden, allows you to place exhibits in strict compliance with all natural conditions.

The organizers made sure that visitors who do not know all the subtleties of plant terminology were comfortable in the garden. Next to each exhibit is an explanatory sign.

There is also a special observation tower on the territory of the created botanical garden, from which you can study all your favorite plant samples. There is also a training center, in which future ecologists and biologists of the city and the Vologda region are engaged.

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