Does Russia need a national guard and what role will it play?


In the American news often slip messages about the next successful use of the National Guard. Apparently, the success of overseas guardsmen can explain the fact that in Russia can be created its own national guard.

Before we comment on the fact of such an event, we need to talk about this education as a whole. So, in the USA, the internal troops are actually called the national guard. And do not think that they perform exclusively military functions. On the contrary, they are constantly used to assist regions affected by natural disasters. They are often attracted to support firefighters and rescuers. For example, during the notorious summer fires in California, when the situation became critical, it was the guardsmen who helped firefighters to curb the elements.


However, the National Guard in America may not be used for such peaceable purposes. For example, they can be sent to suppress riots and uprisings inside the country, as well as to help the police, whose forces may not be quite enough. In addition, the guard can be used to destroy terrorists, and its connections are often involved in the wars that the United States has waged in recent years.

As you can see, the functions of the guard are very diverse. However, do they not repeat the tasks of the Emergencies Ministry and the Internal Troops in our country? Yes, repeat. That is why the National Guard of Russia is an incomprehensible and unexplored phenomenon.


Unlike all the same America, where the guard performs a number of tasks, in our country they are going to create an organization that is accountable only to V.V. Putin As if our internal troops have no task to protect the authorities in the country! Already, several experts have expressed their opinion that another useless power organization is being created in Russia again, which will only demand money for its maintenance.

Do you think that the US National Guard is only engaged in the protection of very vague "public interest"? No, its tasks are clear and transparent … unlike our “Guard”, in which newly trained contract soldiers will be recruited. What will they do? What will they protect?


There are suggestions that the guard may also be involved in disaster management. But isn't the Emergencies Ministry coping with this? Perhaps this incomprehensible education will be occupied by the neutralization of terrorists? And why, then, need numerous special purpose groups? But the likelihood that the gallant national guard will be used instead of riot police, suppressing street riots during the next protest rallies is very high.

In Russia, there were already separate guards military units that covered their name with glory after World War II. However, after the “reforms” started by the past defense minister (who is still at large), these units did not become. It is not clear why Russia needs the National Guard, which did not deserve its title …

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