Career and personal life of Alena Peneva


In the fall of 2017, a new glossy editor-in-chief appeared at the popular glossy publication Cosmopolitan Russia. They became Alena Peneva, who had headed the favorite magazine of Russian fashionistas, Grazia, for 8 years. The new head of Cosmopolitan Russia is a truly unique woman who has managed to prove that for the sake of a career you don’t have to give up your private life. Outside the editorial office, Alyona turns into a beloved wife and caring mother, for whom the happiness and well-being of her close people are always in the first place.


Early years, education

Alena Peneva was born in 1978. From an early age, the girl spent a lot of time in Europe. She studied at colleges in the UK, Germany and Switzerland, and after receiving a secondary education she entered the Law Faculty of the University of London Guildhall. For the period of his life abroad, Alena managed to master several foreign languages ​​perfectly and learn the art of doing business. After receiving a diploma, the girl remained in the capital of Great Britain and found a job in the specialty. But boring legal practice quickly bored her. Deciding to change the scope of activities, Peneva got a job in a large company as a PR manager, where she worked successfully before returning to Moscow.

Beginning of career growth

Returning to Russia in 2002, Peneva firmly decided to devote her life to journalism. Once in the hands of the girl was the release of the magazine Vogue and, without thinking twice, she called his editorial office and asked if there were employees needed. She was advised to send a resume, and soon after that she was invited for an interview. Alena managed to impress the publication managers Vika Davydova, Alyona Doletskaya and Daniel Padiche. According to the results of the interview, Peneva was approved by the junior editor of the beauty department of Vogue magazine. She held this position for two years.


Further advancement on the career ladder

In 2004, Alena Peneva was offered to head the health and beauty department in the Russian version of the glossy magazine Harper's Bazaar, produced by the publishing house Independent Media Sanoma Magazines (IMSM). In this position, as in Vogue, a young woman worked for 2 years. Unusual thinking, energy, dedication and efficiency of Peneva did not go unnoticed by the management of the publishing house.

In 2006, Alyona headed the special projects department in another IMSM edition - Grazia women's weekly. In the spring of 2009, Peneva was appointed editor-in-chief of this magazine, replacing his girlfriend Daria Veledeevu, who went to work at Harper's Bazaar.

As chief editor

As editor-in-chief, Alena Peneva managed to turn the weekly Grazia into one of the most widely read magazines about fashion, style and stars in Russia. The woman began to travel frequently on business trips abroad, attend social events, and communicate with celebrities. Penevu can often be seen at fashion shows in Paris, New York and Milan, her opinion is authoritative for many figures of the fashion industry and show business.


Work in Grazia did not become the final step in the career ladder Peneva. In November 2017, Alyona left the post of editor-in-chief of the weekly in order to lead the glossy edition of Cosmopolitan Russia. But from Grazia Peneva finally left. To this day, she remains the editorial director of the magazine and still takes an active part in his life.

Personal life

Biography of Alena Peneva is not only hard work. Building a dizzying career, a woman never forgot her personal life. Peneva is married, although her spouse’s name and occupation prefers not to disclose. In 2007, her daughter, Anna, was born. Although Alyona headed the editorial office of Grazia, when her baby was only 2 years old, she is not among the mothers who make a career, giving the children to the care of grandmothers and nannies. Peneva managed to build his lifestyle in such a way that it perfectly combined the professional activities and upbringing of the child. Alyona never works on Saturday and Sunday. Having handed over the next issue of the magazine to the press on Friday, she spends the weekend with her family.


Alena often takes her daughter abroad, does not spare money for her education. She is proud that Anya practically does not watch TV or play computer games. The girl, like her mother, has a rich schedule - she reads a lot, learns German, does ballet and drawing. In her free time, Alyona likes to attend theater shows, exhibitions and other events for children with her daughter. The chief editor of Cosmopolitan Russia does not care what profession Anya chooses when she grows up. However, she wants her daughter to become a happy, responsive, kind and self-confident person.

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