Reviews of "Robopolis" (Perm): an exhibition for children and adults


New technologies and riddles of the future are no longer a mystery. The "Robopolis" exhibition allows you to talk with robots and learn a lot about them. On it you can see brand new models of robots, as well as get to know your favorite characters from movies and cartoons. Interest in the event arises not only among the younger generation, but also among adults. The exhibition hosts interesting shows and programs that allow you to learn scientific secrets. It is especially interesting for babies to play and chat with robots that move themselves. Robopolis even has its own Instagram account.


general information

An exhibition of robots arrived in Perm, where the most modern models were presented. Engineers from around the world were happy to show their works to the citizens and guests of the city. The interactive exhibition "Robopolis" can rightly be considered a real discovery, because you can see the latest generation technologies on it. About 50 robots came from different countries to demonstrate that humanity is already living in a completely new reality. Next to humans, there are robots that make life a lot easier. At the event, every visitor could learn a lot of new things and even communicate with live machines.


Reviews about the "Robopolis" in Perm say that the exhibition also held Tesla shows and robo-soccer. Visitors were able to watch the dance and singing of lightning, the dances of famous robots, the race on quadrocopters and even a robo-zoo. On the territory of the building 4 zones with virtual reality were created. With their help, it was possible to transfer from Perm to any part of the world, without leaving the building. Many kids were very pleased that the experts helped them build their own robot. You could take your crafts with you, so the children will have a long memory of pleasant moments.

Where is the exhibition

The event began its work in the fall of 2017. The exhibition of robots "Robopolis" is located in the shopping mall "Speshilov" at the address: Speshilova street, building 114. From 10 am to 10 pm, various robots greeted the guests to show that the future was very close. On weekdays, tickets for adults cost 490 rubles (590 rubles on weekends), and for younger visitors a ticket cost 390 rubles (490 rubles on a day off). The visit time at the exhibition is not limited, so the kids can have time to visit all the zones until they get tired.


What robots can be seen at the exhibition

A large-scale event in the world of science allowed many citizens to learn a lot of curious. Reviews about "Robopolis" (Perm) are full of happy words of the guests that they could even communicate with some robots. The exhibition was attended by a robot Valera, who met visitors and himself moved around the room. Many robots are so similar to real people that it was difficult for guests to figure out where a real person is. An interesting conversation helped support promobot Boris. He likes to joke and amuse others. A robot named Dereviak has a special talent - he is able to predict the future. You must give him a coin, and then put his hand in his mouth. Robo-girls, who were also at the event, provided advice to visitors. Also at the exhibition came the world-famous robots from "Star Wars", Wall-I with her friend Eva and popular Japanese dogs.


Visitor reviews

The exhibition has already managed to visit many visitors. Most of them left their comments on "Robopolis" in Perm (RF) after the visit. Kids love to see robots that talk and walk. They seek to touch them and make joint photos. In addition, many guests like contests that are held right at the exhibition. They allow you to learn a lot of new and useful. Kids have an interest in virtual reality. After all, not everyone knew about the availability of such technologies.

There are reviews about the exhibition of robots "Robopolis" not the most positive. This is explained by the fact that many visitors imagined the exhibition differently. They had their own idea in advance, which did not coincide with reality. Some guests note that there were robots that had a battery. But at the same time there are still more positive reviews about the innovation exhibition.

Photos from the exhibition "Robopolis"

To make a photo with a robot is the dream of many modern children. Adults also keep up and take a selfie with robots. Reviews of "Robopolis" (Perm) are proof that there really is something to see at the exhibition. Many different models of robots have already become hits on the Web, as users rush to post new photos. The exhibition was attended by reporters and representatives of well-known Internet resources. The site "Geometry" also highlighted the event. Children and teenagers continue to share photos with each other, where they are captured with robots. Each frame shows that the kids are really fun and interesting.


Additional features

Neither adults nor kids will be bored at the exhibition. Residents of Perm in the reviews of "Robopolis" talk about the fact that there is a very interesting program. Many children were able to participate in master classes that were specially held for them. They could learn how to make robots or a hologram. Kids could also try drawing with 3D pens to create something new. The big plus was that you could take your crafts with you. Additional interest among visitors is trips that are absolutely free. They experts told guests about the features of each robot.

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