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In Russia, since 2000, there has been a trend that any appointment, and even more so the election to a government leadership position, is an event of a federal scale. Deputies elected to representative bodies and not having real power are only available for parties competing with the “main” United Russia.


The victory of the opposition leader

The election of a governor or mayor is an event that has become so rare since 2000 that the names of the “lucky ones” soon become known throughout the country. One such case occurred in 2014, in the city of Novosibirsk, at the election of the head of the city, whose name is “mayor” in the European manner even in official documents. The winner was Anatoly Lokot - the new mayor of Novosibirsk, a city with a population of over 1.5 million people. Anatoly Yevgenyevich is a communist by party affiliation, and in an interview he repeatedly stated that he would not change the principles and leave the party. Although today the Communist Party of Russia, once dominant, is in decline and is currently far away from the principles of communism, which implies coming to power through a socialist revolution.



Today, Anatoly Lokot is the new mayor of Novosibirsk, whose biography may serve as an example of how an ordinary person with an active life and social position independently achieves high achievements. He was born in Novosibirsk, in a city that he now governs on a full legal basis. At the beginning of the 80s he graduated from the Novosibirsk Electrotechnical Institute, the faculty of physics and technology. As a student, he was a Komsomol activist, has rewards for personal bravery when detaining criminal elements. He served in the army, was the commander of the radio engineering unit in the air defense.

Elbow before his election to a high position has never been a “white collar”, on the contrary, for about 20 years he worked in the midst of enlightened people, scientific events and high technologies - at the Scientific Research Institute of Measuring Instruments, in the team of C-300 air defense designers.


Political career

Anatoly Lokot came to the Communist Party as a very young man, back in 1984. Despite active public activity, he received his first leading position in a political organization in 1994, becoming the second secretary of the regional committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. In 1996, he became a deputy for the first time, first - the regional Council, and after 4 years - the city.

In 2003, Lokot was already a State Duma deputy. And only in 2006, he becomes the leader, that is, the first secretary of the regional committee of the Communist Party of the Novosibirsk Region.

In 2007, in the elections to the State Duma, Lokot again became a federal deputy, but no longer a single-mandate candidate, but according to the electoral list. At this time, the future mayor is developing an active activity, and the next federal-level elections for Novosibirsk citizens are held “under the red flag” - the Communist Party wins in all city districts. At the same time, Anatoly Evgenievich is a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and is rapidly gaining popularity in the party.


In the top party positions

The name Lokot soon becomes almost legendary for ordinary members of the party, they look at it with hope. Anatoly Lokty and one more active deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Nikolay Kolomeitsev are more often called the next leaders after Zyuganov, which is certainly not at all in favor of the already aging and permanent leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

Thus, Anatoly Lokt begin to gradually remove from the highest party work. A born speaker, he is best known for his interviews in the "official" media. At least in the Internet environment you can find a huge number of speeches Lokta on third-party sites, rather than on resources related to the Communist Party. Nevertheless, his authority among ordinary members of the Communist Party is growing day by day. In fact, no one doubts that Anatoly Lokot will soon replace Zyuganov as the leader of the communist movement.

Candidate for Mayor

In 2014, for Elbow is a particularly responsible role - the Communist Party of the Russian Federation nominates him for the post of mayor of a million-plus city. In this very difficult situation, he wins more in spite of, than “naturally”. His victory is not based on the help of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, but on the help of candidates from other parties who, in this difficult moment, withdraw their candidatures from the elections, passing the votes of "their" voters to Anatoly Loktyu. The fact that it was not one or two people, but 5 candidates from completely different ideology parties that had high confidence in Anatoly Evgenievich can tell about the degree of trust in this person.


Election campaign

During the election period for the candidate of the Communist Party began the real hunt. The rivals were interested in everything - Anatoly Lokot himself, biography, parents, family, property. As it turned out, the former engineer NIIPP has only an apartment of 34.4 square meters, and there is no car - neither he nor his wife Marina. But opponents mercilessly exploited the theme of Lokta dating with the owners of clothing markets. Having no evidence, they expressed various assumptions, tried to dig at least some facts, for which the television crew of the federal television station TVC came to Novosibirsk. Subsequently, a certain journalist A. Karaulov in the program “The Moment of Truth” tried to make these assumptions look like proven facts. But in general, the materials that could be “excavated” only proved the honesty and devotion to the cause of such a person as Anatoly Lokot. Biography, family, dating - it all went just a plus.

It turned out that the candidate has no bad habits. During his time as a deputy in the State Duma, he did not miss a single meeting, although at that time he actually lived in Novosibirsk. Playing sports. My wife Marina is familiar with the 5th grade, went to the same school, studied at the same institute. Most of the apartment of the "red" mayor is filled with books, and he even strokes his shirts himself.

Especially the journalistic fraternity was pushing on the fact that local businessmen were acquainted with such a figure as Anatoly Lokot. The biography of dating is filed by journalists in such a way that it may seem to an uninitiated person that Elbow is none other than the leader of the Armenian, Georgian and Kurdish diasporas in Russia. Although, on the other hand, the candidate for mayor is simply obliged to communicate with potential voters, regardless of the position of a person in society. But opponents especially relished the fact that the owner of the market is in the assistants to the deputy of the State Duma. And they forgot to say that this market, contemptuously called “flea market” by journalists, the former city administration decided to decisively close and transfer to a new territory owned by an unknown offshore company.


Getting started in a responsible position

The first order, which gave Elbow as head of the city - to cancel the access system in the city hall. The second related to the preparation of citywide cleanup. In addition to being able to get to Loktyu fairly easily, Anatoly manages to communicate on the Internet, for example, on the social network VKontakte, where he has his own account, accessible to everyone. Anatoly Lokot himself, family, photo - at work and on vacation, all, like a regular user. The new mayor of Novosibirsk is always open to the press, is not afraid of tough and personal issues, confidently operates with facts and figures.


The acting Novosibirsk mayor is married, he has two children. The eldest son is named Bogdan, he received an economic education, works in the representative office of the Omsk plant "Lightning", specializing in lighting streets and architectural objects. Daughter Maria graduated from one of the Novosibirsk schools. Wife Marina was an inspector in the Chamber of Control and Accounts, received a second education and is currently engaged in administrative and business activities in the same institution.

According to his wife, all family members are well aware that they are now fairly well-known personalities, and this imposes a fair share of responsibility. The state-owned media are still closely watching the unconventional mayor, who is undoubtedly Anatoly Lokot. The children of the “red” mayor understand this very well and are extremely cautious - at least in the press and even on the Internet it is impossible to find a single negative comment about Bogdan or Maria Lokot.


Assessment of the management of the "red" mayor

At the moment, it is quite difficult to assess the activities of the new mayor at his post. At the same time, Lokot himself warned more than once that the city budget, especially in terms of federal subsidies, depends almost entirely on the regional administration. An interesting point is that before making important decisions by the mayor's office, each of them first passes a public filter on the My Novosibirsk portal. The administration of the city under the management of the new mayor has managed to achieve mutual understanding with almost all instances and to obtain credibility even from yesterday's opponents and opponents. Anatoly Lokot himself often comes up with non-standard methods, but not self-PRia, but control. As an example, you can take an interesting way that the Elbow uses when checking the quality of the roads - using a glass of water on the hood of the car.

Future plans

The mayor-communist, as promised in the election campaign, did not disperse the former administration, but left it in charge, and took some of his opponents yesterday as his own deputies. Most of the questions asked to the mayor by the citizens concern more housing problems and the improvement of municipal territories. But, perhaps, in the current crisis period these are the most innocuous problems that an official can face. For some time, there were concerns that the federal center would cut the Novosibirsk region's budget following the example of Berdsk, where the communist also became the head of the city. To which Anatoly Lokot through the media honestly warned that with the largest city in terms of population, in fact - the capital of Siberia (Novosibirsk - the administrative center of Siberian Federal District) - is not worth joking. One way or another, but the ardent communist, the hope of rank-and-file members of the party for change, is now working extremely hard for the benefit of modern bourgeois Russia, far from the political center of the country.

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