Optical sight for the SKS carbine: how to choose?


For those who wish to engage in commercial hunting, weapons such as the Simonov self-loading carbine (SKS) are the best option. This model has found its buyer among both professionals and amateur beginners. Any hunt must end with a trophy. To provide this, an optical sight for the SKS carbine will help.


By properly setting this device, even a novice hunter can achieve good results.

What is the device?

This device is a complex system. It has:

  • Lens.
  • Eyepiece. This element of the optical sight adjusts the visibility in accordance with the vision of the arrow.
  • Reversing system. Located between the eyepiece and the lens. Her task is to form an image from an inverted position into a straight position.
  • The reticle in the form of a pattern (stencil), which is applied to the lens glass. Today, customers are presented with various optical sights, equipped with four types of aiming nets. Their choice depends on the tasks that the optical device performs.
  • A special mechanism by which amendments are made if necessary. Shooting adjustment is performed mainly in rapidly changing conditions.


A modern optical sight for the SKS carbine, as for other similar models of hunting weapons, contains a special coating. It is an anti-reflective layer that is applied to the lens and provides good visibility in conditions with poor lighting.


Traditionally, hunting in Russia takes place using a caliber of 7, 62 x 39 mm. These bullets, in comparison with the battle ones, have a weak stopping effect, which often becomes the cause of many hunters' stories about the unprecedented vitality of the beast. As a result of inaccurate contact with vital organs, hunting may be ineffective. For caliber 7, 62 x 39 mm, a distance not exceeding one hundred meters is provided. At this distance, the desired effect is likely. From a hundred meters you can hit the target only if you have optics. Therefore, many hunters very often ask the question, how to install a telescopic sight on a carbine?

About installing the sighting device

An optical sight is mounted for the SKS 7 62 x39 carbine with special side mounts. They are equipped with many Russian-made carbines. Weapons of foreign manufacture equipped with an aiming system that performs dovetail. It has the form of a slat, which is located at the top of the case. Install optics on the SCS in its pure form is structurally impossible. It is recommended for this purpose to use a side rail attached to the carbine receiver. Additionally, you can also use one-piece brackets and rings.


They are sold in stores for hunting and fishing. According to gunsmiths, such tools for installation are not very effective. The best option for the Simonov carbine is the installation of optics with a quick-release bracket. The place to install it is the left side of the receiver in the SCS. You can also install a laser designator on it, which allows shooting at dusk. If necessary, shoot with an open sight bracket does not interfere at all.

On the problems of self-improvement device

Simonov’s autoloading weapon was not originally intended for sniper shooting. Sighting of optics in the Soviet Union was conducted on other models. For this reason, the carbine device itself did not provide for the use of optical sighting devices on it. Such a design of weapons was a problem for those hunters who wanted to equip their SCS (karabiner) with the optical system. Reviews of the owners indicate that after installing the homemade bracket had two drawbacks:

  • Extracted spent shells hit the bracket.
  • Weak mount bracket with the base of the carabiner, resulting in a shift of the optical sighting system. This adversely affected the accuracy of shooting.

What determines the successful shooting with a gun?

Using an optical sight for the SKS carbine, the shooter must take into account the following factors:

  • bullet trajectory;
  • wind power.

The quality of shooting is influenced by the rigidity of the connection of the optical sight with the weapon. It is possible to achieve the required reliability of fastenings of rings or an arm by means of the lapping procedure.

What is needed for work?

Before starting work, the master needs to get the following tools:

  • Abrasive paste.
  • Rod for lapping. Its diameter must correspond to the diameter of the channel of the optical sight.
  • Rod to control the alignment of the rings.
  • Torque wrenches equipped with a scale.
  • Torque screwdriver.


The main task of lapping is to achieve alignment of the brackets: the centers of their rings should be located on the same axis.

How to choose an optical sight?

  • For the SKS carbine, a device with a cross aiming grid is ideal. The shape of the cross differs from other types of simplicity and convenience for quickly pointing weapons at the target. Optical systems with a cruciform mesh are mainly used for hunting. This system is effective when shooting at a distance of 30 meters.
  • You can also purchase an optical sight, equipped with a grid type “Penek”. It was used by German troops during the Great Patriotic War. This aiming grid allows the shooter to produce a quick tip of the weapon at the target. The rangefinder is attached to the device.
  • The Mil-Dot reticle makes it possible to determine the size of the target.
  • Grid type "PSO-1" shows the distance to the target. This type, despite its spectacular appearance, is not in great demand among hunters. This is explained by the fact that it is difficult for persons who did not serve in the army to make an amendment using the “PSO-1” grid.

Popular hunting model

In Russia, one of the most common types of weapons among hunters is considered to be the product of the designer Simonov - SKS - karabiner. Reviews of the owners testify to its simplicity and unpretentiousness in operation. Another advantage of the carbine is ease of maintenance. Comparing the SCS with a Kalashnikov, the carbine owners note the reliability of its system, which is provided not forged, as in AK, but forged and milled parts.

How to choose a rifle scope for a carbine?

In order to equip your weapon with a high-quality sight, experienced hunters advise you to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • The selection of the optical sight for the carbine should be carried out in accordance with the time of day when it will be operated. Hunters involved in night fishing or at dusk, it is recommended to buy optical systems with a lens diameter of at least 5 cm. For those who hunt during the day, fit sights, lenses which do not exceed 4 cm.
  • Before buying a sight, it is necessary to determine its multiplicity. This is a very important characteristic that optical devices for carbines possess, since the speed of aiming and the accuracy of hits will depend on this indicator. Some systems may have a magnification of up to twenty times. It is variable and constant. For small game hunting, the maximum magnification is used, which the karabiner’s telescopic sight may have. Reviews of hunters and owners of such systems indicate that when buying optics for weapons it is not always necessary to rely on the multiplicity parameters and the size of the lens.
  • Of great importance is the material from which the device itself is made. It is desirable that those carbines, which are operated mainly in extreme conditions or have a very strong impact, equipped with sights, in the manufacture of which aluminum alloys are used. Such products have a high level of tightness due to the internal filling with nitrogen.
  • The effectiveness of the shooting also depends on the quality of the purchased model and on how the optical sight is carried out on the SKS carbine.

Beginning of work

This procedure is performed in two stages. At the first stage the “rough” or rough binding of the weapon to the target is carried out. Shots are made on a square with dimensions of 250x350 mm using an open sight. The distance should not exceed a hundred meters. A good result can be considered such hits, in which on the sight icon from a distance of one hundred meters the bullets fall in the center of the square. To shoot from a distance of three hundred meters, the division of an open sight must be put on III.

The distance between the holes in the target should not exceed 20-30 mm. Simonov carbine sighting is desirable to produce in a standing position, since such a position is considered standard when hunting. If the bullets continue to go to the center, then the roughing is done correctly.

Second phase

The effectiveness and speed of this procedure depends on the availability of special tools. This rifle vice, targets, stops for the carbine.


Work on the shooting begins after fixing the carbine in a special machine. In an optical sight, it is necessary to advance the crosshair to the center of the visual field. For this purpose, the bracket correction mechanism is used. Using an open sight with the help of a square or aiming hemp, put the crosshairs. This work is time consuming and requires special patience. The gunman must be careful, because with the slightest inaccurate movement of the system can be broken and everything will have to start over. It is recommended to check the correctness of aiming optics with an open sight. The accuracy of hits is affected by the age of the weapon. Results of hits in the new weapon can differ from shooting from the shot barrel. Today, the majority of SCS get into gun shops directly from warehouses. The buyer should take this into account when performing the adjustment of weapons. All data on the carbine contained in his passport. When buying is recommended to get acquainted with them.

An inexperienced hunter who decides to equip his SCS with an optical sighting device is recommended to start with systems that have a small multiplicity. Today, the gun shelves offer a wide selection of various optical sights. Among them are very popular products of such manufacturers as Sentinel, Veber, Leupold.


When choosing a brand of device, it is necessary to take into account the conditions in which it will be used. Optical sight is a precision device that requires careful treatment.

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