The smallest woman on the planet: the life of Joti Amji after receiving the title


Jyoti was born December 16, 1993 in Nagpur, which is located in Central India. According to her mother Ranjana, the girl was of normal height until she was five years old. Later, it became apparent that its growth is hampered by some kind of frustration. Subsequently, it turned out that she has achondroplasia and will never grow above a certain height.

First rays of glory


From the age of four, Jyoti went to school with regular-sized children. But she was provided with a desk and chair, more suitable for her tiny growth. For the first time she attracted the attention of the whole world in 2009. The local TV channel Fuji Bikkuri Chojin 100 Special released the show, the girl was measured by doctors.

She was just 61.95 cm (2 feet) tall. This confirmed that she has the smallest height of adolescents living in the world. For 16 years, Jyoti recovered only 4 kg.


But it was already noticeable that she is a bright and artistic, funny person. Like many teenage girls, she was fond of fashion and makeup, and dreamed of becoming an actress. Indeed, her size and extraordinary character began to open her way to show business.

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In 2009, she starred in the video for the song of the star Bhangra Miki Singh, was shown in a documentary film of the 4th channel Bodyshock - in an episode entitled “Two Foot Tall Teen”.

Jyoti life


Of course, as giants Robert Wadlow and Sultan Kesen say, the presence of original dimensions can have many drawbacks. Jioti's clothes, decorations and even her plates and cutlery had to fit her size.

But she did not pay attention to the inconvenience, was determined to make her unique growth work for her.

The birth of a star

The recognition of the GWR (Guinness Book of Records) played a huge role in the fight against any self-doubt that she experienced on a creative path. Jyoti felt popular, special and important. In fact, the story of her success has just begun. On December 16, 2011, she was 18 years old; she received the title of living woman of the smallest height.


He was measured by an orthopedic consultant, Dr. Manoj Pachukar, at the Wokhardt Specialty Hospital in her hometown of Nagpur, and the process was overseen by GWR judge Rob Molloy.

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Like all record holders of an unusual size, it was measured at the Jyoti at different times of the day, and then the average was calculated. This process was necessary to obtain objective data, because the compression of the spine causes fluctuations in body height within 24 hours.

It was officially established that its height is 62.8 cm, which makes it slightly lower than the previous record holder, who had a height of 69 cm (2 feet 3 inches).

Jyoti dreams come true

At the first moment of glory, Jyoti talked about wanting to visit other countries and star in films. America was also on her wish list. Fortunately, all these dreams have been realized.

Currently, Jyoti is a recognized member of the global GWR family. She traveled abroad and was photographed with other champions, including Chandra Bahadur Danga, the smallest person in the entire history, whose height is 54.6 cm. Indeed, when meeting with Chandra she finally was able to look at someone from top to bottom.


They were brought together to celebrate the release of Guinness World Records 2013. This historic event was the first in history when the strongest men and women in the world met. In 2013, Jyoti flew to New York, where Mike Janelle from GWR had the honor of being her guide. The petite lady gathered crowds wherever she went.

Jyoti becomes an actress

Meanwhile, Jyoti has already begun to realize their ambitions to become a movie star. In 2012, she was a guest at Bigg Boss - the popular Indian reality TV show Big Brother. And in 2014, she signed a contract, will play the role of Ma Petit in the fourth season of the popular American TV series American Horror Story. Jyoti is determined and, undoubtedly, the best turns of his career are still ahead.

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