Black goat: breeds, photos, interesting facts


Each farmer selects animals for his farm, focusing on their own reasons, preferences, tastes. If you decide to have a black goat, our article may be useful for you. There are several popular breeds with this color of economic value. You can settle in such an animal and as a pet.


Breed with black color

The most common breed in Russia, whose representatives are painted in dark colors, was bred from wool and angora goats. From these animals they get not only good milk yield of rather fat milk, but also valuable fluff. About 250 grams can be combed from a goat a year, and a black goat will yield at least 400 grams of delicate long wool. The strong thin skin of these animals is also appreciated.

Bengal black breed is more popular abroad. But there are quite a few people in the Russian Federation who grow these big black goats and goats. The weight of an adult male can reach 30 kg, the females are a bit smaller. These are graceful thin-legged animals that are completely non-demanding to conditions of detention. You can settle them even in the house (for example, at the time of cold weather).

Looking at the photo of the black goat of the Anatolian breed, you can easily take it for a ram or some wild animal. He has very massive swirling horns. Homeland Anatolian breed - Turkey.


Interesting facts related to the black goat

Thanks to Lovecraft, Shub-Niggurath received considerable distribution in the fantastic universes. He appears to be a monstrous cloud, a deity (or rather, a demon) of perverse fertility. The shape is more like a shapeless mass with tentacles, hooves and mouths, but in the literature it is referred to as the Black Goat, Capricorn, Goat. The idea was picked up by other writers, including Robert Zelazny and Stephen King.

The Black Goat is worshiped by the inhabitants of Kwokhor in the universe of the Seven Kingdoms created by George Martin. Quahores tried to appease the deity by offering him frequent sacrifices. The priests of Noros considered him a nasty, dark demon, and the Faceless ones from Braavos were one of the incarnations of the many-faced god.

In colloquial speech, the phrase "Black Goat" can be heard from a beer connoisseur. So many people call the dark drink variety Velkopopovick├Ż Kozel.


Often the image of a bearded animal with black hair and horns is described in the dream books. Most of them interpret dreams with this character as neutral, but advise the dreamer to be alert.

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