Where did Boris Moiseev go? Where is the singer now?


Where did Boris Moiseev go? This question is asked by many fans of the bright and memorable dancer and singer Boris Mikhailovich Moiseyev. Where is he now, where did he disappear from the screen? Boris Moiseyev hasn't released new hits and video clips for a long time. And on the state of health of the singer in the media appear disturbing information. In our article we will talk about what happened to the singer and where Boris Moiseyev was gone.

Artist Biography

Soviet and Russian dancer, choreographer and famous singer was born in March 1954 in prison. The boy did not know his father, and his mother, Genya Borisovna, was a political prisoner. The childhood and adolescent years of the artist were held in the Jewish district of Mogilev.

From birth, Boris was a weak and sickly child. When he grew up a little, for strengthening the boy’s health it was decided to give classes to a dance club. After some time, the young man realized that dancing was his vocation. After graduating from school, he packed up and left for the capital of Belarus to study. In Minsk, Moses was trained by the ballerina N. Mlodzinskaya. After school for some time he served on the stage of the Kharkov Opera and Ballet Theater. Then he moved to Lithuania and began performing in the show at Alla Borisovna. A few years later began a solo career. In 2006, the singer was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia. However, not so long ago, Boris Moiseev disappeared from the scene. Where and why?


The reason for the disappearance of the artist

Not so long ago, namely about 9 years ago, the famous singer demonstrated a jubilee concert called “Dessert”, which was dedicated to his 55th birthday. A year later, Boris Mikhailovich presented a new show, the premiere of which was held in the Northern capital of the Russian Federation in March 2010.

Six months later, the pop singer was hospitalized due to suspected post-stroke condition. On the following day, the doctors of the clinic confirmed the earlier diagnosis. Everyday, Boris Mikhailovich’s condition worsened, causing the left side of his body to become paralyzed. After some time, the actor was hooked on a ventilator. A month later he was discharged from the clinic and sent home.

In the spring of 2011, Moses performed at the Orbakaite show, and in the summer he became a guest on the “New Wave”. A little later, the Russian singer released 2 discs, and then announced a creative break, which was associated with a deterioration in the artist's well-being. Fully recover the pop star after a stroke, alas, did not succeed. He still has impaired work of the muscles of the face, and also has problems with speech.


In 2012, Boris Mikhailovich worked on the recording of a new album called “Pastor. The Best of Men ”, which differed from previous projects in the philosophical depth of the texts. But after the release of the CD, the singer disappeared from the screens. Where did Boris Moiseev go? And why does he no longer sing?

Where did singer Boris Moiseev go?

And indeed the pop star has disappeared from sight. He stopped giving concerts and releasing new video clips. The singer also stopped attending social events. Where did Boris Moiseev go? And what was the reason for this?

The answer to this question, as it turned out, is connected with the artist's illness. After suffering a severe stroke and intensified therapy, which lasted for about a year, the pop singer, unfortunately, cannot return to his former life.

It is known that he continues to live in Moscow. Periodically, fans will see the singer go cycling.

Personal life

As it turned out, after the creation of the ZERO show, the popular singer repeatedly declared his imminent marriage to United States resident Adel Todd, with whom he wanted to tie the knot in the early 2000s. A little later, there was news in the media that the artist was supposedly going to move to a permanent place of residence in Miami. However, later it turned out that Boris Mikhailovich went there to undergo tests.


It is also known that Boris Moiseev has an illegitimate son, whose name is Amadeus. His mother was a Lithuanian actress. A man of about 40 years old, he lives in the Polish city of Krakow. Amadeus presented a famous Russian singer with a grandson named Matvey, who is now 10 years old. However, Boris Mikhailovich does not maintain relations with either his son or his grandson, which, judging from the interview, he regrets very much.

Boris Moiseev today

In 2017, the shocking singer appeared in a new unexpected role. Moses went to work for Nadezhda Babkina as a ticket clerk at her concerts. Initially, concert director Boris Mikhailovich came to work for the Russian singer, and only later the singer himself tried the work behind the scenes. Fans of his talent were surprised to notice the artist for such work. But the pop star did not attach any importance to this and continued to fulfill his duties.


Now the singer is actively restoring his health. He works on special simulators, refused alcohol, adheres to the recommendations of doctors, and also regularly takes prescribed medications.

As it became known from the media, the musician became a believer. Such changes in the worldview of the singer occurred after a stroke.

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