Tattoos of Borodina Xenia: photos, values


Fashion tattoo does not fade away. People continue to decorate their bodies with inscriptions and symbolic drawings. Millions of people watch the events in the life of television stars. Each new tattoo on the body of a celebrity is subject to universal criticism and evaluation. For example, tattoo Borodina Xenia. Many want to see them, count and find out the true value.

The first tattoo - a dolphin

Two tattoos of Borodina Xenia can be seen on periodically appearing photos in glossy magazines. TV presenter admitted that for the first time she decided on a tattoo as a teenager. As the picture was chosen image of a dolphin, which personifies strength, power and at the same time calmness, goodwill. It is still unknown why the celebrity decorated her left leg with a dolphin. But after all, many cannot fully explain the meaning of their actions committed during adolescence.


Placing a dolphin bathing on the body in the waves, Xenia decided to stop at the tattoo until one important event occurred in her life.

Hand writing

10 months after the birth of her beloved daughter, the fans attracted the attention of Xenia Borodina’s tattoo on her arm. On the forearm - closer to the hand - the celebrity immortalized the name of the daughter Marousi. The inscription turned out beautiful, delicate and at the same time quite stylish. By the way, a similar tattoo with the name of the son of Bogdan flaunts on the hand of Alena Vodonaevoy.

The author of "Marusya" was made by the master who beat out tattoos on the body of the performer Timati. Fans argue: Tattoos of Borodina Xenia - is the desire to follow fashion or an attempt to capture important events in your life? The TV host herself explains the appearance of the second tattoo with the feeling of boundless love that she feels for her daughter. Becoming a mother, the TV presenter realized that the main value in life is children. Thanks to the drawing “Marusya”, the star feels that her girl is always with her, even if physically she is far away.


Chinese characters and pen

Notice how neatly does Ksenia Borodina tattoo. Photos of each of them can be found on her personal page on social networks.

The third tattoo presenter is of particular interest. But there are doubts about its authenticity. Ksenia “painted” her neck with mysterious Chinese characters. The inscription was placed vertically along the spine from the base of the neck. Anchorwoman refrains from commenting on the tattoo and does not tell what the inscription means. But traditionally, the Chinese hieroglyphs decorated the body in order to attract the energy of good luck and wealth into their lives. Perhaps tattoo dedicated to her daughter or husband. All questions about the meaning of the Chinese characters Xenia just smiles sweetly.


Tattoos of Borodina Xenia on the hieroglyphs are not over. In 2015, fans saw on their feet, where the dolphin had previously “frolicked”, a new drawing - a feather. The left foot was chosen as the location for the picture. The reason for the appearance of a new tattoo Ksenia did not explain. Fans decided that in this way the celebrity “washed away” the old tattoo “dolphin” and put a new one in its place - “feather”.

In 2016, the TV presenter published a photo in Instagram, where she holds a piece of paper with the name of her second daughter, Teona, accompanied by the inscription “An important day, your name is on your arm”. The fans immediately decided that Ksenia was preparing to make a new tattoo with the name of her youngest daughter. However, evidence of this has not followed.

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