How to answer the question: "How are you?" Original answers


Probably more popular than greetings: “How are you?”, “How are you?”, “What's new?” - simply does not exist. However, in these questions about life a certain meaning is hidden, which for everyone is not always clear to others. How to answer the question: "How are you?" You will read the answers in our article.

"What's up?" - politeness or real interest?

Mostly questions about life are asked by people to start a conversation, and not at all because they are really interested in what is actually happening in your life. We are well aware that the interest is not at all sincere, and in most cases we respond in monosyllables and restraint. Very often, we don’t think about the meaning of our answer. It is necessary to take into account our mood (emotional background), the setting. And yet on the banal question: "How are you?" - you can answer interesting and bright, not limited to the usual words: "Normal", "Good" or "Worse than where."

It is not always possible to remain in a good mood, but it is possible to creatively answer the question “how are you” with a bit of humor. For example: “Everything is good - but, believe it or not, you will not help”, “Best of all who would have envied me”, “How are things going, did not marry and did not give birth”, etc.


How to correctly answer the question: "How are you?"

If you avoid the standard answers to this question and are a good conversationalist, you can continue the conversation. It is important to charge the other person with a good mood, to share your positive energy. The questioner will have more desire to talk with you, just avoid the negative. Bad news is better not to tell, not pour out on a friend the flow of your troubles and troubles.

What can be answered to the question "how is life"? The basic rule in answering your business is a positive tone, even if things go wrong. If your interlocutor is not in the circle of your loved ones (those to whom you would tell about your true deeds), you still cannot tell the negative side of your life, and even the details of your personal life. This is both stupid and incorrect. In addition, the interlocutor, interested in your life, is not always ready to listen to long stories. This must be borne in mind and not sad, if your free ears are gone from you, and you have not told about your business.


Situations are different

How to answer the question "how are you"? In a conversation about life you need to look at the situation. It also happens that a person is inclined to dialogue with you, but you cannot open up for him. If you are also an emotional person, you find it difficult to control yourself, which means you don’t have to talk about etiquette. But whatever feelings you may have overflowed, you need to keep track of what and how you say. Your frankness and lack of restraint can harm you. You may be misunderstood, so your wit should be shown in moderation.


What do you do in life?

The question of what exactly you do in your life can come from people you haven’t met for a long time. Also this question comes from new people with whom you meet. Not bad, if the nature of your activity for you is a joy, it is not a shame to tell others. But if there is nothing to boast about, it is better not to tell, not to spoil your mood. The black bar is not eternal. In the event that there is no opportunity to get away from the question, it is better to apologize and leave, limiting ourselves to the answer: "A little bit of everything, " "All in the works, " "How are you? Yes, I myself do not know … "and so on.

How to answer the question "what do you do in life"? It is important to clearly understand who you answer to: friends, acquaintances, superiors, colleagues. About their business better to spread as little as possible. Some people may rejoice at your success in life, while others may be upset. Excess share of envy or sympathy for you to anything. You need to know how to answer the question: “What are you doing in life?” - to a fellow student, former neighbor, and how to answer, for example, the parents of your girlfriend or boyfriend.

In a formal setting, this question may sound somewhat different: "What did you do (professional activity) and what are you planning to do?" The essence is the same, but the scope is different - business.


And if you're on a date?

On a date, this question: “What do you do in life?” - is a trademark. And you can truly answer if the girl or boyfriend is interesting for you and you plan to continue the relationship. If your plans do not include telling about yourself as much as possible, limit yourself to general phrases, without delving into the nature of your work.

How to answer the question: "How are you?" - if you're on a date? An important nuance: to be able to say only the main thing, without boring details. The essence of your work, study, personal life should not be turned into a long monologue. If you have a good sense of humor, you can laugh it off, at the same time raising the mood of the interlocutor. If you are not sure that your joke (with irony and sarcasm) will be correctly perceived, it is better to put this technique aside.

It also happens that your affairs are far from “not very”, and there is no desire to talk about them with friends. But there are plenty of other topics and news that can be exchanged during a conversation. The black bar in life does not last forever, it is better to keep quiet about it. It will bring more benefits than crying in a vest about their difficult fate. A brief and concise answer: "Thank you, everything is fine, like all people, " - will be just the way.


But what about the personal?

A separate and very painful topic for conversation is private life. Its details are very delicate, and if you have a grain of common sense, you miss the details, even if you really want to brag or, on the contrary, be indignant. How to answer the question "how is personal life"? The answers may be the simplest: “Thank you, everything is fine, I am not complaining”; "Nothing new, everything is still." Do not show selfishness and also be interested in the affairs of your opponent. Not everyone can ask a personal question. As a rule, people whose personal life has been established rarely pester with similar questions of their acquaintances and friends, they are happy, and they do not care about other people.

The question of personal life can ask a friend, not too pleasant for you. It is necessary not to lose oneself and not be rude and quickly end unwanted communication. Wit here is not useful. Politeness and once again politeness. If you like a friend, you can laugh it off, thus making it clear that personal life is a forbidden topic, hidden from everyone. And is not negotiable.

Personal life is like a closed book, you don’t need to open it to anyone who is interested in it. Too suspicious interest may alert the respondent. After all, not everyone can call on a frank talk heart to heart. You need to be a very good psychologist to be able to get into the soul of a person and talk to him on topics that cause a lot of suffering to many.

However, only a persistent person with a strong character and clearly marked life guides can not tell about the personal. Other people are subject to outside influence and may inadvertently pour out the soul. After all, the joy on the personal front I want to share, but about failure - to cry.

Now you know how to answer the question: "How are you?" I wish you good mood and pleasant interlocutors!

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