Divorce of the daughter of Rosa Syabitova with her husband Andrei Snetkov


The famous teleswife Roza Syabitova knows exactly what the secret of a happy family life is. Rosa recommends choosing a satellite with special care and attention. So for her youngest daughter, Xenia, the star mother of the groom found herself. Andrei Snetkov and Ksyusha played a luxurious wedding, followed by a loud divorce. What is the reason for the separation of the daughter of Sabitova and Andrei - you will find out today.

Andrey's family

Very little is known about the biography of Andrei Snetkov. According to the stories of Rosa Syabitova, Andrei is from a respected professorial Tatar family. Mother died a few years ago. Also, according to her, Andrei is a professional lawyer and teaches at one of the Moscow academies. Sam Snetkov extremely reluctantly told reporters the details of his life.


According to others, Andrei, from a fairly simple family, came a few years ago to the capital to earn money. Anyway, he became famous for a completely different reason.

Meet Rosa and Ksyusha

A handsome young man decided to try his luck and try to get a lawyer at the marriage agency of Rosa Syabitova. Svaha Andrew liked immediately, and she took him to work. However, later he saw not only a lawyer for his company, but also an excellent game for his beloved daughter Xenia. According to Andrei Snetkov himself, Syabitova simply pounced on him with talk that he needed to marry Ksyusha.


An enterprising matchmaker decided to contribute to the life of his daughter and organized a meeting for the young. Ksyusha and Andrew finally met and soon became friends.

Relationship with her daughter Sabitova

Popular matchmaker Rosa has repeatedly spoken on the “Let's Get Married” program that her daughter is brought up in accordance with Tatar traditions and intends to preserve innocence until marriage. Andrew, of course, who knew about this aspect, showed courage and agreed that there was no need to hurry before the wedding. Relationships of the young developed in front of a multimillion public. After all, Ksyusha and Andrew now and then published joint photos. It seemed that the tale had become a reality, and a wise experienced mother brought two lovers' hearts together.

Wedding of the year!

In the summer of 2015, a long-awaited celebration was held, the entire organization of which was taken over by the bride's mother, Roza Syabitova. The wedding of Andrey Snetkov and Xenia became grandiose even by the standards of the capital. The incredible beauty of the groom's suit and the luxurious white dress of the bride simply blinded by its beauty. Every detail of the celebration was thought out to the smallest detail. Tables were filled with the best dishes of Russian-Tatar cuisine. Among the invitees were such values ​​as Vyacheslav Zaitsev and Larisa Guzeeva. And the huge halls where the wedding took place were made in a luxurious oriental style. Musical accompaniment and Tatar dances became the highlight of the evening. A little later, Rosa admitted that the whole wedding of her son-in-law and daughter cost her a tidy sum. It was called that this amount was equal to 15 million rubles.


On one of the “Let's get married” programs, Andrei Snetkov and Ksenia Syabitova told about a joyful event, and how exactly the first declaration of love happened.

Family Drama: Divorce

Despite such a beautiful and rich wedding, some particularly attentive viewers noticed that Andrei was somehow not very happy next to the Syabitovs. Some even prophesied to the young couple a quick divorce. And they were right.

A couple of years later, on one of the “Let's get married” programs, Ksenia said that for two years she had been divorced from Andrey. And the former mother-in-law told the country that several months after the magnificent wedding, Andrei left them with Ksyusha in Moscow. When he returned, he told his wife that they needed to leave and live separately.

After a while, Andrei Snetkov divorced Xenia. What caused the divorce, neither Ksyusha nor Rosa herself knows. However, the matchmaker suggested that, perhaps, the reason for that was Andrei's desire to take possession of the riches and privileges of Rosa. Not receiving a sufficient condition, marrying Xenia, he chose to divorce her. The girl was simply overwhelmed by this outcome of family life and felt abandoned by her beloved man. It should be noted that no one doubted Xenia’s love for Andrew from the very beginning. Unlike his sympathy and love for her.


Andrei Snetkov himself has not yet commented on the news about the divorce. Therefore, it is not at all known what happened in their relationship with Ksenia, according to his version. But Rosa’s colleague, Larisa Guzeeva, suggested in one of the airs that, perhaps, the young man was subjected to excessive pressure from their side. According to Larisa, Rosa’s too active participation in the life of her daughter and son-in-law could not lead to anything good. Therefore, a divorce was inevitable. Guzeeva repeatedly called on Rosa to weaken her influence on children and give them freedom of personal life and her own choice. But Syabitova did not listen to Larisa’s opinion, saying that it should be so in the Tatar family. For three years after the divorce, the husband of Sabitova, Andrei Snetkov, did not find the strength to talk with his ex-wife.

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