The mysterious nature of Australia


Australia is one of the most amazing continents on earth. It is unusual primarily because a huge number of unique plants and animals that are not found anywhere else in the world are concentrated in such a small area. The nature of Australia, which most can only see through the Internet, is amazing and unusual. The mere fact that almost all natural lakes on the continent are saline, and most of the rivers dries up during the hot season, compels the people who settled and survived here.


In general, the nature of Australia, as a litmus test, as a kind of filter that rigidly and quickly detects and eliminates everything that is unsustainable and does not have sufficient endurance. Plants and animals adapt to this harsh climate. Despite the severity, the nature of Australia is very fascinating, bewitching. Only here you can see so many strange animals, for example, marsupials, the most famous of which is the koala - an unusually delicate, toy animal, eating exclusively eucalyptus leaves. Not to mention such animals as kangaroos, dingo dogs, marsupial possum, marsupial devil, which is found only in Tasmania.


The nature of Australia is also not less strange plants that have managed to survive in arid areas, thanks to the developed amazing abilities. Here you can find mangroves, ferns, palm trees, oaks, aspen, birch, pine Huon and King William, possessing valuable wood. Over 70% of all plant species are found only on this continent. But most of all here are eucalyptus and acacia: there are 500 species each. This is the nature of Australia, the photo of which is pleasantly pleasing to the eye. It must be said that the flora and fauna of these places is so different from the flora and fauna of other continents that many scientists assumed until recently that it evolved according to its unique program. But later it was found that the preservation of relict plants and animals was possible, thanks to the remoteness and isolation of the continent. However, civilization long ago came here.


By the 21st century, 83 plant species were destroyed, and approximately 840 were on the verge of extinction. More than 40 species of birds and 60 species of mammals have disappeared from the face of the earth or are under such threat.

Australia, the nature of which never ceases to amaze, boasts an unusual relief. The land surfaces that were formed in the tertiary period have been preserved here, and they have changed little over such a long time. This explains the safety of ancient species of plants and animals. Therefore, the nature of Australia just makes you talk about yourself with great respect and admiration.

For such a small continent, the diversity of not only land, but also underwater inhabitants is quite natural. The water world is inhabited by sharks, which are a huge number, jellyfish, sea snakes, a variety of fish. By the way, the length of such snakes exceeds the growth of the indigenous Australian several times. I must say that the aborigines subtly and deeply felt their own world and tried to protect it.

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