Where does Putin live? Where do the daughters of Putin live?


The life of people burdened with universal attention is full of difficulties. Everyone wants to look behind the dense curtains, covering their everyday life from others. And if the stars of show business are accustomed to this, even striving, then a different matter is politics. Their activity, of course, is connected with publicity. However, they have every right to personal space in the same way as all ordinary people. There are, however, exceptions. Here we come to the topic of conversation. Let's look at where Putin, our beloved president, lives and how he reacts to popularity.

The attitude of Vladimir Vladimirovich to the question

Any educated person understands that excessive curiosity is fraught with consequences for the most part of moral sense.


Judge for yourself, does a person have the right to sleep and eat, rest and love without outside views? If you think that the attention is pleasant, then walk around topless in the city, you will understand what the error is. In fact, personal space is the most important thing for a person. However, the Russian president is calm and sympathetic to the question of where Putin lives.

He not only responded to it several times during press conferences, but also took part in a film about his life. It costs a lot. By the way, the film shows not only where Putin lives, but also explains in detail how he relates to his work, health. Yes, a thoughtful viewer will draw from his plots a lot of subtle nuances.

It should also be noted that on the question of where Putin’s daughters live, Vladimir Vladimirovich responds with unwavering patience. He does not hide from the people, despite some, let's say, excessive obsession of journalists on this topic. Let's gather modesty in a fist and look at the "holy of holies", adhering to the framework of decency. And this means that we will use only open sources of information, including the personal words of the president.

Where did Putin live?

Let's start, as usual, with history. Before moving to Moscow, the Putin family lived in St. Petersburg.


The information is not secret. In their possession was (and still is) the most ordinary apartment located on Vasilyevsky Island (second line). Not a secret and its area. Only seventy seven square meters. Agree modestly. Therefore, the investigation of evil critics on the topic “Where Putin Lived to Moscow” is doomed to failure. After all, you can talk with your neighbors, gather facts. It turns out that everything described is the purest truth. In 1996, the Putin family left St. Petersburg. Vladimir Vladimirovich was waited by a new appointment (deputy manager of the president’s affairs), and with it a new housing, other perspectives.

The first Moscow cloister

Let's not dig into the details. Hotels and temporary apartments omit. At first, the family settled in Moscow, omitting the details. The post of prime minister brought with her new housing. It is located in the elite house number 6, located on the street Academician Zelinsky.

By the way, they say that V. V. Putin is still registered there. The red brick building for senior officials is far from simple. It is, of course, beautiful. But in Moscow there are many magnificent buildings, both historical and modern. The same house is different from the others by several levels of security. This is a small fortification in the center of the capital. Having learned such details, critics and liberals raise a howl.


It is as if they do not understand that high-ranking officials are simply obliged to be guarded. And not private structures, as in Ukraine, but the state.

Tricks of critics

Surely many readers are familiar with the information spread by critics and outright enemies. People they are not very shy, especially not silent. So, they are particularly interested in where the daughters of Putin live. In society, it was the custom to count all rulers as worshipers of the West. In the same place, they keep their money, send children there, buy villas and so on, depending on their own dreams and the development of imagination.

It is clear that for such people the question of where Putin’s children live takes on paramount importance. After all, it is not easy to criticize the activities of the president. For what, say, catch on? But to delve into his private life, telling about contributions and children, is another matter. People see how the president works, feel his openness. I do not like this some. So they are trying to invent legends about where Putin’s children live.

It was only here that they became embarrassed. One of the journalists took it and asked the president directly about it. Vladimir Vladimirovich’s answer was: “They live here, in Moscow”. The end of the quote, as they say. And along with it is another puddle for critics and visionaries.


Residence of the President

Let us return to the description of the house of the president. The Russian state cannot afford to let its head live anyhow where. The President has more than one residence. Moscow is located in Novo-Ogaryovo. This place is worthy of the head of the richest state in the world (in terms of resources).

Novo-Ogaryovo consists of a complex of buildings. There is here a personal zone of the president, a house for receiving guests, other buildings. It is necessary to specify the stables and the gym, cinema and swimming pool. There is also a chapel.

It is desirable for all the curious and simply opponents of the president not to proceed with malice, but to analyze the target functions of the buildings. They are designed not only for the delight of the head of state, and even more for guests. They are necessary and place decently, and make an impression. Russia is not some seedy country. She is a great power. It is the duty of the president to carry her honor and glory into the world. It should be added that the head of Russia has other residences, equipped in accordance with the position of our state among others.


Noisy statement

It is proposed to recall a certain episode that is not entirely related to this topic. When the Crimean history began, Angela Merkel broke out with an unforgettable phrase that made a lot of noise in the world. Translated it in different ways. She said something like this to her overseas colleague Barack Obama: “I don’t know where Putin lives, in what world!”. Translation, so to speak, free.

She meant that the president of Russia is in fantasy. Would you like to recall the head of Germany? Let him now answer: "Where does Putin live?". 2014 has sunk into oblivion. And who was right? Continuing this reasoning, we will come to the same conclusion. It is lucky that Putin lives in the same reality as us, and not in the one where some of his colleagues and partners are staying. Let's hope that this will continue.

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