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Ashley Massaro - American actress, model, in the past - a professional wrestler. She is known for her exciting performances at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Survivor: China. She has appeared in such films and serials as “Mysteries of Smallville” (Athena), “Extreme Make-up: Home Version”. She also starred in several videos of famous American artists. In the photo, Ashley Massaro looks like a very fighting girl.



Ashley Massaro was born on May 26, 1979 in Babylon, New York. Here her brother and father competed in amateur wrestling.

Higher education girl received at the University of New York. She has a bachelor's degree in communication with minors.

Career wrestler

Once Ashley Massaro met with the casting director of WWE when she participated in a swimsuit competition. She learned from him about the WWE Diva Search talent contest, which is held annually by World Wrestling Entertainment, and decided to take part in what will be the first decisive step towards a successful career as a professional wrestler.

On August 15, 2005, in a television program called Raw, Ashley Massaro was declared the winner of WWE Diva Search. She managed to get around seven of her opponents on the way to victory. As a prize, she received $ 250, 000 and entered into a 1-year contract with WWE.

A week later, Ashley was attacked by Candice Michelle and Torrey Wilson, with whom the girl was in hostile relations.

In one of the episodes of Diva Search, the wrestler fights with Victoria and loses this difficult fight to her.


In 2006, Ashley tested her strength in several battles with Mikey James. First won Miki in Royal Rumble, but Massaro did not remain in debt and revenge James in a rematch on Raw.

In the same year, in one of the failed battles, Ashley broke her fibula and left the ring for a while. For this, she was expelled from the battle of women, and she did not fight more with James. The injury turned out to be serious: the girl suffered a complicated operation, as a result of which a five-inch metal plate was inserted into her leg.

The next time Ashley Massero appeared on television on the show SmackDown !, where she was invited as a special guest.

Later, the girl fought with the World Wrestling Entertainment champion among women - Melina.

She also worked as a valet for WWE Tag Team champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick. According to the plot of the show, Ashley is attacked by Jillian Hall.

Model and actress


Ashley Massaro participated in the competition from the American brand of tanning lotion Miss Hawaiian Tropic. In 2002 and 2004, she won and won the titles of Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA and Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada, respectively.

She could be seen three times on the cover of the popular Playboy magazine. She also posed for publications such as Femme Fatales and Flex.

Ashley starred in the episode of the reality show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, along with John Cena and Batista, members of World Wrestling Entertainment. She also participated in many commercials.

In 2007, an American singer, rapper and producer invited Ashley Massaro and several other wrestlers to play in his music video Throw It on Me, for which he received a positive response.

The girl was a member of the show "Survivor: China", where she was invited in the 15th season. Ashley passed the casting and in ten days left for China to shoot. Previously, she had never participated in such events, so she had some time to get used to the fact that everything took place directly on the street. Ashley hit the Zhang Hu tribe in the first episode of the show and immediately ran into conflict situations with rival Dave Cruiser. In the second episode, Massaro dropped out for six days due to the fact that she got few votes, only 6.

Personal life


Ashley Massaro had a brief relationship with professional wrestler Matt Hardy, but their paths soon diverged.

The girl has a daughter, Alexis, who was born in 2000. After 8 years, she fell ill, so Ashley asked for an early delay in order to care for her sick daughter.

The body of the wrestler is covered with several tattoos, including a black and pink starfish, a pink and red dragon surrounding the inscription "Kanji", which translates as "Do not trust anyone", symbols on the lower back and a butterfly on its right thigh. She also has a piercing.

Ashley Massaro admitted that she had been sexually abused at a US military base during a WWE tour of Kuwait. They apologized to her and asked not to publicize it in the press.

On the Internet, one can come across assumptions that Ashley Massaro and Shyla Stiles, who died under unexplained circumstances, were in a relationship. However, this is just a rumor, the information has not been officially confirmed anywhere.

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