Soviet actress Svetlana Tormakhova


Svetlana Tormakhova is not one of those actresses who are ready to retire and bask in their own glory of past years. A woman with vast experience and merit in the cinema and theater continues to play roles in extreme old age.

Legend of the Soviet theater and cinema

Svetlana Tormakhova is well known to the theatrical audience for her works on stage. The performances with her participation have many times undermined applause and enthusiastic feedback from colleagues. For 10 years she worked in the troupe of one of the most popular theaters in the capital. This could be the period of her greatest popularity in her career. But the wide audience of the face of the actress and her name will love the work in the frame. In the cinema, Svetlana has achieved no less success in comparison with the theatrical scene.


Svetlana Tormakhova, an actress with luxurious dramatic experience and education, managed to leave her mark on the big screen. Her track record accommodates a list of several dozen tapes. Not all films with her participation entered the classics of cinema, but some will remain forever in the memory of a grateful viewer. Of course, the best work in the frame she held on the Soviet screen. It is worth noting that Svetlana Tormakhova did not languish on the laurels of former popularity, but continues to work in modern cinema.

Now, on the screen, not too large roles of elderly ladies are trusted, but even so, the legendary actress manages to significantly strengthen each tape with her participation.

Tormahova in work

In the cinema of recent years, the quite elderly Svetlana Tormakhova amazed directors with the willingness to work with the characters clearly below her professional level. An elderly woman is not averse to minor roles and prefers to work in paintings of any level, with any budget, and not to retire. Her colleagues from a number of shooting partners recognize the authority of Tormakhova and are surprised when she has to play some minor heroines.

Such dedication to the actor's craft is even more surprising when you consider Svetlana’s luxurious career in the past and her education. At one time, a native of Ukrainian lands honed her acting skills at the two most prestigious drama schools in Moscow. Her main teacher was T. K. Kopteva.


In addition to dedication, Svetlana Dmitrievna Tormakhova conquered the hearts of the audience with her excellent preparation. A woman could always be entrusted with any characteristic roles of complexity. Her professionalism in the frame was the key to the success of more than one tape.

Biography of the legend

The future Soviet actress Svetlana Tormakhova was born in post-war Ukraine. In 1947, a girl appeared in the family of a military pilot and school teacher. With such parents it was not difficult for her to present herself in the public profession, Sveta decided to get an acting education after school. Tormakhova was first admitted to the Shchepkin Theater School, and then to the Shchukin Theater School.

There, the gifted student hears her flattering predictions about her future from the teachers and becomes one of the best graduates. The girl's hopes will come true, and she will live one of the most successful careers in Soviet cinema.

In the frame, Svetlana makes her debut only at the age of 30, but by that time she had already accumulated an important experience of playing on the theater stage. 10 years of his life a woman dedicated to the theater. Vakhtangov. Her last appearance on the screen in one of her films took place back in 2016. Now the actress is already 70 years old.

Svetlana's roles

Svetlana Tormakhova, whose biography at the age of 70 fits a weighty track record, has appeared in several legendary Soviet tapes from the classics of Russian cinema. The actress with her participation even in a cameo role could significantly strengthen any film. As an example, it is enough to mention only the charming girl of the social service inspector in the painting “Men”. There, Svetlana appears only once in a dialogue with the main character, who adopts three children, but becomes the darling of viewers.


Her successful debut took place at the age of 30 in a tape from the 4 episodes “Yurkina Sunrises”, from that moment on Tormahova regularly received invitations to shoot.

In recent years, in another country, she has not been so lucky with good films and directors. Perhaps, of her works, it is worth mentioning only the role in the detective series “The March of Turkish”. Now, even in old age, Svetlana is still ready to accept an invitation to shoot, although she has not appeared on the screen for 2 years.

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