Miki Ando: biography and career in figure skating


Figure skater Miki Ando, ​​speaking in single skating, is known to many fans of this sport. She entered her name in history in 2002, when she performed the fourth in the world finals of the junior Grand Prix in the world’s first. About what other achievements are in the account of the Japanese and what she does after the end of her career, we will tell in the article.

Biography and first steps in sports

The future figure skater was born on 12/18/1987 in the city of Nagoya. Girl skated skating in 1996, when she was nine years old. According to Miki Ando, ​​father played a big role in her development as an athlete. He loved his daughter very much and was happy when he saw her on skates, and she, in turn, put maximum effort into making her dad proud. Unfortunately, Micah celebrated her main victories without him: her father died from an accident when she was very young.

First, the figure skater trained with Yuko Monna, and since 2000, Nobuo Sato has become her mentor. In 2001, Miki won the Japanese championship among juniors and the Grand Prix finals, won bronze awards at the adult Japanese championship and the world championship among juniors.


Career development

In 2002, the whole world learned about the figure skater Miki Ando: in the entire history of women's figure skating, she was the first to perform a successful quadruple jump at the competition. In the 2002/03 season, in the junior tournaments, the singles became the champion of Japan and the silver medalist of the world championship. A year later, a victory at the World Junior Championship was added to her piggy bank.

In the 2004/05 season, Miki Ando began performing in adult competitions. At the Grand Prix, she won two medals, but was only fourth in the final. After that, the figure skater won the Japanese Championship and took the sixth place in the world championship.

In the 2005/06 season, Miki trained in the United States under the guidance of the famous single Carol Heiss. At the Japanese stage of the NHK Trophy and in the Grand Prix finals, the athlete was fourth.

The 2006 Olympics, which took place in Turin, Italy, was unsuccessful for the Japanese. Miki Ando fell three times and took only fifteenth place. Because of this inexpressive result, the athlete subsequently did not get to the World Cup.


Under the leadership of Nikolai Morozov

After their failures, the figure skater decided to change the coach. Her new mentor was the Russian specialist Nikolai Morozov. In the 2006/07 season, under his leadership, Miki Ando won the Skate America stage and was second at the TrophéeEric Bompard, thereby qualifying for the Grand Prix finals, which was held in St. Petersburg. At this tournament, the athlete became ill with the flu, was not in the best shape and took only fifth place. Performing an arbitrary program in the Japanese championship, Miki Ando dislocated her shoulder. But this did not prevent her from reaching the end and winning the silver.

In 2007, at the World Championships in Tokyo, the figure skater became the champion. In both programs, she was second, but in terms of the amount of points she managed to outrun her main rival, Mao Asad. After that, the magazine Vogue Japanese was recognized as "Woman of the Year."

The following season, Miki Ando was again pursued by failure. At the NHK Trophy tournament, she took only fourth place, which is why she did not make it to the Grand Prix final. At the championship of four continents, the athlete landed on two legs while trying to make a quad Salchow and thus deprived herself of the struggle for victory. At the world championship in the Swedish Gothenburg, Miki took the eighth place in the short program and withdrew from the competition due to the stretching of the muscles in the leg. However, there were also successful performances this season: the figure skater won silver medals at the Japan Championship and Skate America.


In the 2009/10 season, the main achievements of Miki Ando were the “bronze” in the world championship, the victory in the Rostelecom Cup tournament, and also the second place in the Grand Prix finals.

In the 2010/11 season, the figure skater won the Grand Prix Cup of Russia and Cup of China and became the world champion.

The birth of a daughter and the completion of a career

In April 2013, Japanese Miki Ando gave birth to a daughter. About the father of the child athlete chose not to spread. After the decree, the figure skater decided to return to the sport. According to Miki, she had to re-meet her body and train hard to achieve the same slip. But she didn’t manage to gain the necessary form: in 2014, she took the seventh place in the Japanese Championship and lost her right to participate in the Sochi Olympics. After that, the figure skater announced that she was finishing her career.


Now Miki Ando is training children, performing at various figure skating shows in different parts of the world and has several projects aimed at protecting animals and nature.


As for personal life, until recently, she met with the Spanish figure skater Javier Fernandez. They first talked about their relationship back in 2011, when both athletes trained under the guidance of Nikolai Morozov. However, officially the Japanese and the Spaniard declared themselves to be a couple only in November 2014. All figure skating fans were waiting for the lovers to play the wedding. But in 2017, Javier Fernandez and Miki Ando reported that they broke up. Nevertheless, they remained friends and continue to support each other.

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