Football player Georgiy Gabulov: biography and interesting facts.


Georgy Gabulov is a fairly promising Russian midfielder. During his career, he managed to play for many local clubs.


Spectators know George as a universal player, capable of both attacking and practicing in defense. The high-quality game allowed him to repeatedly perform at the international level in a T-shirt of the youth national team of Russia. George's brother Vladimir is a famous Russian goalkeeper.

Georgiy Gabulov: biography

Since childhood, George has been keen on football. Together with my brother I went to one youth sports school. The talent of both Gabulovs manifested itself at an early age. Therefore, the coach recommended that they participate in watching Russian first-tier clubs. As a result, the young man was taken to the sports school of the capital "Lokomotiv". He played for the double and showed excellent results. At the age of eighteen George signed his first professional contract. September 20, he spent his first match in the Russian Premier League. Georgiy Gabulov came out at the seventy-seventh minute, replacing Celcigno in the cup match against “Anji”.

Bad luck

However, after this, there was a lull in his career. For two long seasons Gabulov almost did not play. The whole problem was serious competition. Experienced midfielders were constantly taken to his position. March 26, 2010, he entered the field in a match against “Amkar”.


It was a debut match for a football player in the Russian Premier League. And on May 10, Georgy Gabulov scored the first goal in his professional career. Midfielder acted in a T-shirt “Alania”. There was a home match against the capital "Spartacus." After passing from the right flank, Gabulov gave a lateral transmission. His teammate hung in the penalty area, and George successfully closed the transfer. In the second half, midfielder hit from thirty meters and designed a double. As a result, the Vladikavkaz team sensationally defeated “Spartak” with a score of 5: 2.


After this brilliant game, George Gabulov became the team captain. Season he played for “Alania”. For the Vladikavkaz club, George spent sixty games, in which he distinguished himself eleven times. The football player became one of the leading players on whom the team strategy was kept. In the summer off-season 2012, Gabulov moved to “Anji”. However, in the new club he failed to gain a foothold in the first team. During the year he entered the field only seven times and scored only one goal.


After an unsuccessful season, Gabulov returned to “Alania” and spent another not very successful season.

Further career

In the winter of 2014, the football club "Rostov" announces the appearance of a new player. In the offseason, Georgiy Gabulov joined the blue and yellow ones. Football player spent eight games and did not score a single goal. For six months, George was unable to prove his usefulness to the head coach. Therefore, in the summer of football player signed a contract with “Wings of the Soviets.” George made his debut in the match against “Siberia”, in which he opened the scoring after a well-played corner. Gabulov played forty-seven matches for Samarans, in which he scored six goals. However, at the end of the contract the club did not want to renew it. In the summer of 2016, Georgiy Gabulov moved to Orenburg.

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