Biography of the actor Alexander Bargman


Russian actor Alexander Bargman is not familiar to many in the face, unlike his voice, which is known to absolutely everyone thanks to the dubbing of characters performed by the famous Johnny Depp. The works of this talented artist certainly deserve the attention of the public, although many do not even know about his participation in numerous television projects.

early years

Alexander Lvovich Bargman is a native of Tajikistan, more precisely, the sunny city of Dushanbe. The artist was born on June 20, 1970 in the family of a journalist and a military man.

After graduating from an elite school in his hometown, Alexander went to Leningrad, where he enrolled in Igor Gorbachev's courses at the Institute of Performing Arts.


Carier start

The first performance of Alexander Bargman took place in 1991. The artist appeared on the stage of the Alexandrian Theater in the role of buffoon in the production of "Look for the wind in the field." At the dawn of his acting career, Alexander was fortunate enough to work with brilliant directors: Goryaev and Sagalchik. By the way, in the Alexandria Theater, the artist worked for nine years. Among the most memorable roles of the actor himself highlights Claudius, Hamlet and Tuzenbach.

After graduating from the institute, Alexander Bargman began to play on the stages of other theaters, for example, on Liteiny. There he was expected by numerous roles in both classical and modern performances. For the first time, the artist was lucky enough to play Neschastlivtsev in the famous play "The Forest".

Later on, in the Foundry, Alexander Bargman got the roles: in the drama “Iguanna Night”, the performance “Concert of tortured misprints”, and also in the play “Doctor Chekhov”. All these plays were popular with the metropolitan public.


In 2003, Alexander Bargman ceased to cooperate with the theater on Liteiny, and in the end he played Nicholas von Koren in the play of Chekhov's Duel.

Own business

A new era in the artist's life began in 2001, when he, along with his comrades Ira Polyanskaya, Alexander Lushin and Natalia Pivovarova, opened his own theater called “Such a Theater”. Today his repertoire includes more than 10 performances that take place on various stages of St. Petersburg. Bargman himself took the place of the artistic director of the theater.

The first performance, staged on the stage of "Such a theater", was the play "Callous Named." This directorial work Pivovarova goes on stage today, although its creator died a few years ago. In 2002, the famous play in St. Petersburg was nominated for the prestigious Golden Mask theatrical award.


No less popular in the "Tak theater" staging was the play "Get to the bottom of the truth." This performance was entirely staged under the direction of Lushin and Bargman.

Work in the field of sound recording

Since 2001, the voice of Alexander Lvovich became well known to the majority of Russian residents thanks to the voicing of characters played by Johnny Depp. And the beginning was the work of Bargman in the Russian translation of the thriller of the Hughes brothers "From Hell". In this film, in the voice of Alexander, Frederick Ebberline began to speak.

Since 2003, Bargman has voiced all the pictures from the trilogy "Pirates of the Caribbean", or rather, Captain Jack Sparrow. Among other things, the artist gave his voice and other characters performed by Johnny Depp. He participated in the dubbing of such films:

  • "Once in Mexico";
  • "Secret Window";
  • "Rum diary";
  • "Alice in the Wonderland";
  • "Macho and Bot";
  • "The lone ranger".


In fact, Alexander Bargman is deservedly considered one of the most active actors voicing foreign cartoons and films. In addition to Johnny Depp, he participated in several dozens of different projects.

Films with Alexander Bargman

Fans of Russian cinema are well known not only for the voice, but also for the appearance of this talented artist. Films in which Bargman took part, for the most part, were a resounding success.

The debut of the actor on the big screen took place in 1990. Alexander Lvovich played the role of a musician in one of the episodes of the film "When the Saints Are Marching." But in 1993, the artist has already received more significant work. This time he got the main role in the film "Misfire". In addition, Alexander Bargman often starred in the series. For example, quite successful work can be called a role in the "Gangster Petersburg" and "Secrets of the investigation."

In 2005, the actor played the main role in the film "The True Story of Lieutenant Rzhevsky", and only a few years later appeared on the screen in the famous Russian drama "Admiral". The work in this project, the actor recalls with nostalgia.

In addition, Alexander Bargman took part in the shooting of other paintings:

  • "Mole 2";
  • "Gold of Troy";
  • "Trotsky";
  • "Mademoiselle O";
  • "People Shpak";
  • "Angel Chapel";
  • "Mayakovsky";
  • "Leningrad 46";
  • "My dear man."

By the way, the artist calls the last work one of his favorite projects.

Among other things, Alexander Bargman managed to try himself as a journalist, having worked in the entertainment program “Not in Time”, aired on Channel Five in 2005-2006.

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