His Highness the Duke of Cambridge William is dreaming of provincial Norfolk


Today, he and his wife, Kate Middleton, are joyfully waiting for the third baby - George and Charlotte will soon have a sister or brother. Prince William has long stated that he and Kate dream of a large family, in which at least three charming tots will rush around the house. In April of this year it will be clear who will be born to them - a son or a daughter, they are talking not only in a whisper, but loudly out loud that the Duchess is waiting for twins!


Provincial silence as an alternative to a heavy crown

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine do not cease to dream of a quiet provincial life. The lack of press attention is regarded by them as the best gift and great happiness.

Anmer Hall, a Gregorian mansion built in 1802, located in Norfolk, was donated by Queen Elizabeth to Prince William and Kate for the wedding in 2011. William is madly attached to him, here with his brother, Prince Harry, they spent the golden time of their childhood, a guest on vacation with banker Hugh Van Catem, who rented a palace from the royal family from 1990 to 2000.

Family life


He and Kate did not have long before the time when it would be necessary to immerse themselves in state and international affairs. The Queen and Prince Charles can no longer 100% perform their functions. But there is still time, albeit a bit. Apparently, therefore, the spouses have a keen desire to use it in order to live a normal family life, have children and give them the maximum necessary parental attention. This luxury will be unavailable for them in 5-10 years, when the couple is completely immersed in the work.

Maybe that is why William frantically prayed to Elizabeth in 2015 to move from Kate to his palace in quiet provincial Norfolk and to engage in family life, relinquishing the royal duties to the maximum. For a long time the queen could not accept his arguments, but his beloved William was so adamant and stubborn (like herself) that nothing remained for Her Majesty. This is still her favorite grandson! Let him live in his pleasure, while there is at least some opportunity.

Luxury of privacy


Those who have something to protect, try to protect it. World arena players value their privacy a hundredfold. His house is not Olympus, and he is not God. The Duke of Cambridge, William, is a man to whom it is written to be a prince. But also husband and father. His wife can not tolerate cooks, she loves to cook and keep house herself. What is to let extra people in the holy of holies - in your family? Why should someone's hands be applied to the house where the happiness built by themselves lives? William maintains this Kate at 100%. There is a nanny, there is a housekeeper. Kate is personally shopping at a popular Norfolk farm shop.

It is not a palace family idyll

The usual dinner in the ducal family - the noise, din, turmoil! Children do not want to eat vegetables, "we want french fries"! Palace serving? Full of you! Food is carried from the kitchen right in the pans!

William and Kate - the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - take turns bathing the kids at bedtime, Dad reads the story to the little prince and puts him to bed even more often than Mom, he knows that Julian Donaldson's “Gruffalo” is a book adored by George. The family has a favorite - the spaniel Lupo rampant around the palace, as well as the hamster Marvin.


They are so pleased with the idea that in Norfolk they can easily go and buy a toy for their son in the store! No one will run after them with the camera.

The couple have a huge number of friends in the quiet and sleepy Norfolk. The cousin of the Duke of Cambridge William lives in a nearby village, most of the locals have children, and there will always be playmates for George and Charlotte.

In his beloved Norfolk, William and Kate often walk parks for a long time, dine in village pubs. Duke of Cambridge, William loves to ride a bike, and Kate walks with pleasure through the streets of the town of Holt and the village of Burnham Market.

Service for the good

The prince received an officer's rank in December 2006 and was enlisted as a second lieutenant in the Royal Cavalry. In 2009, he graduated from the KVVS flight school in Cranwell and worked in the Royal Air Force, where career growth awaited him: Duke of Cambridge William earned the rank of captain.


The prince loves his current occupation, he is involved in civil service, he works in an ambulance helicopter based at the Cambridge air base. William works alternately during the day and night shifts, he is in charge of East Anglia. The duke speaks about the importance of medical aviation, especially now, in difficult and conflict, wartime.

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