Origin of the Rodionov surname: versions, history, meaning


The surname is a hereditary generic naming, the history of each of them is unique and individual. They were formed from proper names, names of professions, life, customs, appearance, nicknames, features of the character and appearance of our ancestors.

Many people are interested in the origin of their surnames. And this is not an idle interest. They want to know the history of a kind, lifestyle, customs and other interesting facts related to the ancestors. And the history of generic naming helps reveal these secrets. The article will discuss the interesting, beautiful and euphonic name Rodionov, the origin and meaning of it.

Education generic name

The origin of the surname Rodion is associated with the proper name. During the baptismal rite, each person received from the priest a church name that performed the main task - providing a person with a personal name. All these names were included in the Church's naming list - the Saints. According to Christian tradition, the baby was named in honor of the great martyr or saint, on whose memory day he was born or baptized.


The origin of the surname Rodion is connected with the church name Herodion. Often, the ancient Slavs added the name of the father to the baby’s name in order to show the child’s belonging to a specific gender, as well as to highlight the baby in society. The fact is that the baptismal names were few, and they were often repeated to identify the person using the patronymic or nicknames.

Thus, the origin of the surname Rodion goes back to the baptismal name Herodion, and more precisely to its short form - Rodion. This is a Greek name, which translates as "hero" or "hero".

Patron saint


The origin of the surname Rodionov is associated with the name of the saint. In Svyatstvy (a church orthodox imennik) the name Herodion appeared in honor of the saint, who was among the apostles chosen by Jesus Christ.

Apostle Herodion was a close relative of the Apostle Paul. They traveled together and preached the dogmas of the Christian religion. Apostle Herodion became the bishop of the city of Patara on the Balkan Peninsula. He zealously preached and converted many pagans. Angry idolaters conspired to attack Herodion, they beat him with stones and sticks. One of the attackers stabbed the apostle with a knife. After which the killers fled, leaving Herodion to die. The Lord raised him to his feet and made them holy.

Surname history


The ancient genus Rodionov, whose roots date back to the 16th century, is known; the genus is included in the 6th part of the genealogical book of the Simbirsk province.

In the 16th century, among the wealthy and aristocratic families, hereditary family names began to consolidate. These were possessive adjectives that pointed to the name of the head of the gens. Thus, the descendants of a man named Rodion eventually received the family name Rodionov.

Jewish version

There are many mistaken opinions about the nationality of one or another surname. Some are considered traditionally Jewish, others German, and some Russians. Rodionov - Jewish surname? This question is difficult to answer unequivocally. For example, many believe that typical Jewish surnames are Abramovich, Katzman, Cohen, Malkin, Ryvkin and others. Surnames with the suffixes "-ich" and "-sky" are considered to be Jewish. But in fact it is most often Polish or Ukrainian generic naming.


It is believed that the names with the suffixes "-ov", "-in" - are typically Russian. But in Russia there are names of non-Jewish origin that Jews carry: Novikov, Yakovlev, Cossacks, Zakharov, Polyakov. The mass migration of Jews to Russia began during the reign of Catherine the Great. In order to assimilate with the locals, Jews took names like Russians. For this reason, it is difficult to answer the question, is this or that Jewish name or not.

Origin of the name Rodionov: nationality. Surname prevalence

The family name Rodionov is 50% Russian, 10% has Belarusian roots, 5% Ukrainian, and 30% comes from the languages ​​of the peoples of Russia (Mordovian, Tatar, Bashkir, Buryat). Approximately 5% of the family name is of Serbian and Bulgarian origin.

Anyway, the surname is derived from the nickname, name, occupation or place of residence of the founder of this family name.

It is very difficult to establish the exact place and time of origin of the Rodionov name now, since its formation lasted for more than one century, this process was complex and ambiguous.

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