Abandoned villages of the Novgorod region: a list with names and photos


Abandoned villages of Russia are the sad realities of modern life. On numerous photos of the abandoned villages of the Novgorod region, one can see how the once rich settlements of peasants gradually enter into complete devastation and desolation. Once there were many enterprises and workplaces in the villages, but over time they began to close, there was a shortage of work. And as a result, young people began to disperse to larger areas or cities to earn money. It is worth noting the fact that in the present abandoned villages were located truly amazing and beautiful buildings, but time, alas, does not spare anyone and nothing.

Rules of conduct in abandoned places


Many go on a journey through the abandoned villages of the Novgorod region on their own or as a small company. This kind of rest can be considered extreme. But nowadays, some travel companies are helping to organize excursions to abandoned places in order to help people comprehend uncharted secrets and visit inhabited places in the past. In such travel companies, a guide is provided who can not only conduct excursions to all the abandoned places, but also tell the true history of the region.

Arriving in an abandoned place, you should carefully listen to what the guide says, and follow all his instructions:

  1. Be sure to stock up on food and water before the trip, as well as take a first aid kit and a flashlight.
  2. It is important to remember that many buildings are in disrepair, so do not lean against the pillars and columns.
  3. During the inspection of settlements it is necessary to look under your feet so as not to get hurt and not fall into the floor.

The duties of the guide include:

  1. To get to the place and leave it at the end of the tour without any problems and delays.
  2. To help avoid meeting with new inhabitants of abandoned places, which can be stray animals and homeless.
  3. Tell all the details about the visited place, its history and indicate the reasons for the desolation.
  4. Tell about how to inspect the premises, so as not to harm neither yourself nor the rest.

Below is a list of names describing the abandoned villages of the Novgorod region.



In the list of abandoned villages of the Novgorod region there is the village of Tidvore, which was completely habitable for another 20 or 25 years. It is located in a very picturesque place, but once beautiful and rich in its fruits and abundant crops, gardens and orchards have long been overgrown with weeds and weeds.

There is no electricity for a long time in Tidvore, there are no jobs left, the district centers are far from here, only impassable forests and swamps stretch around. As a result, all the young people from the village left in search of a better life, and the old people gradually died, Tidvore turned into a ghost village.

Next to the former settlement flows a river, in which, most likely, the local population once splashed. But now the only bridge that has just recently united part of the village with the outside world has been completely destroyed.

There are only a few houses in Tidvorie - only about fifteen, but most of them have been destroyed for a long time, only a few huts remain, which are still quite strong. However, judging by the devastation that is happening all around, and from these houses there will soon be nothing left but rotting boards. Even the normal road leading to this once blooming and abundant lilac and spherical willow village is no longer there, and the one that exists is completely broken. The car should be left a few kilometers from the village, since it is simply impossible to drive on it, the only way to get there is to go some part of the way on foot.



In Glukhovo, which also belongs to the abandoned villages of the Novgorod region, complete devastation and desolation reign. In the village only about a dozen or a little more than houses. Their condition can be assessed as lousy and very lousy - dilapidated dilapidated shacks, in which literally everything that was not pinned to the floor was plundered by marauders and vandals.



Kotovo is also one of the abandoned villages of the Novgorod region, which once flourished. Despite the fact that there are no houses and any buildings anymore, and those that remained were subjected to merciless invasions of vandals, it is still clear that the settlement was once famous for its beauty and abundance of gardens.

Seredka and Kulakovo


Kulakovo and Seredka - the names of abandoned villages of the Novgorod region, which were once truly paradise places, and now it is impossible to look at them without longing and pain. In place of the villages there were only a few dilapidated houses, dilapidated churches, a churchyard and a cemetery.

The gradual desolation of Seredka begins in 1997. It was then that the transformer burned down, providing electricity to the entire village. There were no substitutes, and all the production available in the village fell. It was then that the people began to leave her.

Lake Zhadino, flowing in the village of Seredke, is still famous for its beauty. But despite this, the fish in this lake lives mostly only small, and the large one does not survive, since the lake is considered to be overseas. In winter, during frosts, the lake becomes covered with ice and the underwater inhabitants lack oxygen, and therefore it is worth making a small ice hole, and the fish literally jumps out.



Once in the village Zarisovke Novgorod region life was in full swing. Now it is completely abandoned. Buildings collapse at incredible speed. Formerly residential houses stand without windows and doors.

The hill

Once this village was the administrative center, but now there is nothing but dilapidated buildings and houses. The road to the village is completely destroyed, so you can only reach it on foot. A few years ago, in the season of mushrooms and berries, people began to come here for gatherings and settle in abandoned houses, in which there is not even electricity, as the pillars rotted and fell more than twenty years ago.


The village of Shakhnovo is another in the list of the names of the abandoned villages of the Novgorod region. This settlement is considered not so much abandoned, but disappeared. The village of Shakhnovo was only half a kilometer from the settlement of Sokolovo. Before the war, the main road passed through Shakhnovo, but in the post-war years the main road was laid through Sokolovo. As a result, back in the sixties of the last century, all Shakhnovists, so cut off from the world, were forced to move to neighboring villages with all their property. Empty houses and other buildings eventually became useless and collapsed.


The complete list of abandoned villages of the Novgorod region is huge, and the materials presented above are only part of it. Visiting deserted places, you constantly think about what they were before, even before the devastation, when life is not something that went on as usual, but simply boiled. And it becomes incomprehensible why it was necessary to ruin and destroy everything, because it was possible to make open-air museums from such villages. They certainly would have found their admirers.

However, it is encouraging that recently the abandoned villages of the Novgorod region and other regions began to gradually recover. This is done by residents of megacities who are tired of the city bustle and are again drawn to the ground. The revival of abandoned settlements is only beginning to gain momentum, therefore, such places are still an order of magnitude larger than the revived.

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