Museums of Yoshkar-Ola: description, addresses, features.


In Yoshkar-Ola, the capital of the Republic of Mari El, a lot of attractions. In recent years, the city has changed markedly. Beautiful boulevards with fountains, gorgeous embankment, magnificent buildings and large shopping centers appeared in it. But a special role for residents and guests of Yoshkar-Ola is played by museums, where you can always relax your soul, reflect and enjoy works of art.

GULAG History Museum


The Gulag Museum in Yoshkar-Ola is located at the address: Kremlevskaya Street, Building 2. It is located in an old merchant's house, in which the State Political Administration has been located since 1923, the purpose of which was also to identify the enemies of the people. This place is very gloomy, as thousands of innocent people were killed in the basements of the building during the years of mass repression.


This museum in Yoshkar-Ola was opened on the initiative of enthusiasts who are not indifferent to the past of their people. Its employees do not receive a salary, and money from the budget is not allocated for the maintenance of the exposition. In the museum you can see many exhibits reminiscent of the Soviet era and the terrible torture to which prisoners were subjected during the era of mass repression. There are about 10 museums of this kind in the country, but this one is unique, because it keeps the very energy of suffering and doom of people who did not have the opportunity to escape.

Cheese Museum


Among the museums of Yoshkar-Ola, you can select the one that lovers of cheese will love, because there you can not only look at this delicious product, but also try it. It is located on Eshkinin Street in the house number 10g. It should be noted that this is the only museum of its kind in the Volga region. Why did it open in the capital of Mari El? The fact is that the republic is famous for high-quality dairy products, which are loved and valued throughout the country. During a tour of the museum, visitors can learn about the local cheese factories, about what raw materials are cheese, as well as try its varieties. Those interested can take part in a master class in making cheese. Numerous positive reviews about this museum indicate that there really is very interesting. According to the visitors, especially the children like it, because there they can feel like the most real cheese-makers.

National Art Gallery

The National Art Gallery is one of the branches of the Museum of Fine Arts. Getting to it is very convenient, because it is located in the very center of the city at the address: Leninsky Avenue, Building 24. In this museum of Yoshkar-Ola, you can see pictures of Mari artists. It is important to note that the gallery often hosts various exhibitions, not only Russian, but also world celebrities. The building of this museum at any time of the day a lot of people. This is due to the fact that there are unusual clocks on the facade of the gallery. Hourly there you can see a moving donkey, which carries on itself the image of the Virgin Mary. Everything that happens is accompanied by a loud sound and causes a storm of emotions in the audience.



If you like to learn new things, attend cultural events, be sure to visit the museums of Yoshkar-Ola. You will get a lot of positive emotions, ponder, get acquainted with valuable exhibits. The Gulag Museum, of course, can hardly be called entertaining. To a greater extent, this place makes us think about the tragic pages of the history of our country, about the innocent victims of Stalinism, about how we should take care of what we have. Having been in the museum of cheese, you can relax, have fun and even be able to try on the role of a taster of the most delicious varieties of cheese. A visit to the National Art Gallery will help to join the works of Mari artists. Visiting the museums of Yoshkar-Ola will be equally interesting for both children and adults.

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