Why are the fish silent and is it really so?


Even children know that fish are silent, it’s not for nothing that they invented the saying “it is like a fish”. Everyone saw how a caught carp or a crucian only silently wiggles its mouth, as if the air is enough, but it does not make any sounds. Then the question arises of why the fish are silent, because other animals make some sounds, communicating with their relatives.


On the one hand, no one has heard herring or pike talking, but on the other hand, this does not mean that they are not able to make any sounds. For many years, scientists have tried to find an explanation for why the fish are silent. A variety of versions were voiced, among which there was one: since man lives on land, he cannot hear their conversation. According to another version, marine inhabitants communicate at the ultrasound level.

It turns out that throughout this time, people had inadequate information, because the fish are not silent, but very actively talking. This fact was known to the ancient Greeks. So, Homer, who wrote about the adventures of Odyssey, did not forget to mention the singing of sirens, the prototype of which were the scienes, who made sounds in the water, vaguely resembling songs.


Conducting their research, the scientists put a hydrophone under the water - a special microphone of a new design. On the recordings made with the help of this equipment, we managed to make out various sounds resembling slamming, gnashing, clicking, cracking, squeaking and much more. What was the surprise of researchers, when it became clear that this is nothing more than a conversation of fish. It turns out that silent and dumb underwater inhabitants simply does not happen. Even brathella fish talks.

Of course, what sounds each marine inhabitant emit is not yet known, but thanks to the tests that were carried out, it was possible to record a conversation of some kinds. For example, the Black Sea scad makes a sound that resembles a dog barking, the Azov bull - a growl, a mullet - the clatter of hooves, carps and crucians smack. A variety of sounds is amazing, under the water you can hear croaking, meowing, drumming, hissing, humming, grunting. Everybody is talking, no one is left aside, not even tuna.


The fish speaks with the help of the muscle causing the swim bladder to oscillate. The toad fish, which in one minute pulls its swimming bladder more than a thousand times, has gone the farthest in this business. Some types of knock bones or teeth. For example, an eel knocks bones on a swimming bladder, a clown fish can chirp thanks to the presence of vocal cords, and a herring releases vesicles from the anus. Therefore, it is no longer possible to ask why the fish are silent, because this is not so. If we could hear them, we would go crazy under the water from such noise.

It was found that the inhabitants of the waters in the seas and oceans speak much louder than their relatives in the aquariums. It is assumed that they amplify the sound to drown out the sound of the waves. For so many years people have been thinking about why the fish are silent, but it turns out that we simply cannot hear them. Even mollusks are not silent. All types of fish have different conversations, they make sounds in order to attract the opposite sex, scare off enemies, give an alarm, etc.

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