Sakha Republic: the sights of Yakutia


The largest administrative unit in the world is the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The sights of this region are mainly the work of nature. Which ones are the most interesting and impressive?

Sights: Sakha (Yakutia)

Amazing region with harsh and beautiful nature. The dense taiga forests of Yakutia border on the frosty expanses of the tundra, here you can feel the eternity, of course, if you listen carefully. The original and ancient culture has long been intertwined with the modern world of technology, but the natural sights of Yakutia still attract adventure seekers.

The wild, untouched nature of Yakutia makes up about 17% of the entire country, and almost all of it is not in contact with industrial enterprises. This is a real expanse for tourists. Here you can go to the pedestrian and extreme tour, such as river rafting or climbing the mountain. For those who like to spend time with pleasure for the mind, even on vacation, there are ethnographic and ornithological excursions.


Sights of Yakutia are national parks and reserves, as well as interesting open-air museums: “Friendship”, “Yakutsk political exile”. There are many amazing natural formations in this region, such as the Lena and Sinsky pillars, the mountain Kysilyakh and the valley of Death.

Cold sights of Yakutia

More than 40% of the republic is located above the Arctic Circle, and in one of the villages there is even a pole of cold. This name was given to the village of Oymyakon. The temperature in the winter here can reach up to -70 degrees, but in the summer there can be unbearable heat up to +39 degrees.

Frosts in Yakutia are a usual thing, so the Museum of the History of Permafrost is located in Yakutsk on Frostylot Street at the Institute of Permafrost Studies. For visitors, the Shergin mine was opened, in which minus temperature of rocks was first measured. At a depth of 15 meters is an underground laboratory.


Most of the days in a year, the coast of the Berelekh River is under a thick ice layer, and in summer, during their thawing, remains of long-existing creatures are often found. Thus, the remains of 150 mammoths were found in the Allaikhovsky district. Now the place is called Berelekhsky cemetery.

Stone giants

There are places in the republic where real works of art turned out of stone rocks. These sights of Yakutia formed by the will of nature. The banks of the Blue and Lena rivers are surrounded by steep cliffs. High stone columns, they stretch along the Yakut rivers for tens of kilometers. The ancient tribes left their “letters” on these rocks, painting them with mineral paint of yellow color.

The left bank of the Lena River is famous for the Khodar mountain. This is the result of long tectonic processes that took place many centuries ago. The terrain here is very rugged - peaks and steep precipices, cracks and caves can be observed, even sailing along the river.

"The Mountain of Stone People", or Kysilyakh, is another natural wonder of Yakutia. Huge stone blocks resemble the features of tall giants. Locals have shrouded this place with mysterious stories and legends that make it even more attractive.


In the delta of the Lena River, the island of Pillar stands alone. At 104 meters it rises above the river, and on its top is an ancient sanctuary, built of stones. Travelers traditionally hang colored ribbons or coins on the pole in the middle of the altar as a tribute to unknown forces.

National parks and reserves

The most striking sights of Yakutia are national parks and reserves. Distant, but beautiful place - Olemkinsky reserve. That stormy, then calm river Olekma, on the banks of which the reserve is located, carries its waters through unique natural expanses. The mountainous terrain and unique fauna make this place truly beautiful.

Ust-Vilyuy National Park is located between the rivers of the Lyampushka and Dyanyshka Rivers. There are practically no settlements in the park, they have long been abandoned and forgotten by their residents. Here, near the river Oruchan, passes the border of the Arctic Circle. On June 22, the sun never sets in these places and never rises on December 22nd.



The Republic of Sakha is first of all endless and mostly untouched natural spaces. Not everyone dares to visit these places, because the climate here is rather severe. But, having arrived here, any traveler will say that he has gained a thousand times more than he has lost.

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