Do not miss the moment to go to the zoo, visiting Vladivostok


The natural riches of the Far East, many admire. But not every tourist or native may come to mind to get into the wilderness of the taiga in order to meet the Amur tiger. Insecure this idea. You can look at a rare cat in another place. Vladivostok Zoo has in its care a variety of animals that you just need to see at least once in your life.

Where to go with children?

If you come to get acquainted with the city, or just decided to take a walk with your family on a day off, by all means visit the Sadgorod. This is an amazing zoo, Vladivostok has no such. Rather, even, it is a shelter for abandoned, sick and weak animals. In the nineties at this place stopped traveling mobile circus. By chance, they had to stay. People began to come to look at the animals or bring wounded animals. In this way, as they say, the whole world, the only zoo was founded, Vladivostok is famous for its oceanariums, and you can only look at exotic animals here.


What kind of animals can be seen?

Most of the animals that live here are local, brought and brought by residents of the city. These are lynxes, wild boars, bears, badgers, various birds, wolves and tigers. Some animals, such as leopards and monkeys, crocodiles and snakes, were specially purchased for the zoo, so that children could see the exotic representatives of the fauna of other countries.

In this place it is not forbidden to feed the animals and shoot them on video. You can also make beautiful photos with your favorite animal (of course, except for predators). Schoolchildren and all comers come to "Sadgorod" to help care for and feed pets. What is the address of the zoo? Vladivostok, Vorovskogo street, house 24 "b".


Communicating with smaller brothers is just

If you want a child to grow up kind, then he certainly needs to communicate with animals. For various reasons, many do not risk getting pets at home. The best option is to visit a contact zoo, Vladivostok invites you to the "Country of Enotya"! Here, children and adults can enjoy socializing with safe animals: ponies, hares, guinea pigs, and domestic birds. They can be ironed, held in their arms, fed and photographed.

You can not worry about animal health - the staff is closely monitoring this. Where else can children get so much positive? And parents will spend a pleasant day visiting the zoo. Vladivostok is worth a visit, here the nature is of amazing beauty and rich fauna.

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