Should children give English names?


It is not known what caused the fashion to call children by foreign names today, given some of their specifics, but young moms are simply restless. They probably think that the more beautiful and unusual their baby's name is, the smarter, more talented and successful he will grow.

The most respected among the young domestic mothers are English names. His influence on the desire to name the child Jessica or Brandon has mainly modern cinema. After watching favorite TV shows, girls, by all means, want their son or daughter to be just as “cool” as the main characters or even the actors playing their roles. For some reason, provincial young mothers often sin with love for imported Michel and Nicole. Not for nothing about this, even the saying has been formed: “The more matronous the mother is, the more Angelinist the daughter”.


Even in numerous women's forums, you can repeatedly stumble upon topics where pregnant girls ask virtual girlfriends which English names they like best. Thus, they create something like a poll, and they will name the future baby with the name that “will win”.

For some reason, such moms do not care much about how a foreign name will be combined with a Russian surname and patronymic. They absolutely do not take into account the fact that when the baby grows up, they are unlikely to say “thank you” for (suppose) Krivozub Tiffany Nikolaevna or Ptichkin Gerard Grigorevich. Perhaps, they are sincerely sure that in the future their child will have a dizzying career in a foreign company, where there is no such thing as a middle name in nature, and no one calls it by their last name.

But if, nevertheless, the desire to name a child in Russian is not stronger than common sense,


it would not be superfluous to at least understand a little what the various English names mean. After all, it may happen that you call your daughter the beautiful name Kennedy, meanwhile, its meaning - “ugly head” - doesn’t caress the ear. Or, for example, quite a nice male name Shannon means "old river". To avoid such incidents, we offer a small list of the names and their meanings of the most favorite Russian girls.

So, the English names of women: Belinda (Belinda) - a beautiful snake; Vanessa (Vanessa) - manifested; Johanna (Johanna) - God is good; Dolores (Dolores) - sadness; Jennifer (Jennifer) - the name of the tree; Courtney (Courteney) - short nose; Nicolette - the victory of the people; Roxana (Roxanne) - dawn; Rebecca (Rebecca) - trapping; Scarlett (Scarlett) - Scarlet; Celeste (Celeste) - heavenly; Cheryl (Cheryl) - favorite; Sharon (Sharon) - plain; Eleonore (Eleonore) - another, foreign; Eugenia (Eugenia) - well born.


And now the English male names: Alvin, Alvin (Alvin) - friend of the elf; Bertrand (Bertrand) - bright raven; Gabriel (Gabriel) - a strong man, sent by God; Glenn (Glenn) - the valley; David (David) - beloved; Jason (Jason) - healing; Jared (Jared) - descent; Jeremy (Jeremy) - God appointed; Christian (Christian) - a follower of Christ; Quentin (Quentin) - the fifth; Louis (Ludovic) - famous warrior; Matthew (Matthew) - a gift from the Lord; Nigel is a champion; Robert (Robert) - famous; Emile is a competitor; Emmanuel - The Lord is with us.

But still, learning English names, try to choose your baby one that would be well combined with his surname and patronymic. After all, he, not you, live with him all his life.

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