The most famous museums of Chita


Chita is a Russian city in Eastern Siberia. According to well-known data, the history of Chita begins in 1653, when the village of Plotbische appeared on the site of the modern city. You can learn more about the history and culture of Chita by visiting one or more city museums.


Trans-Baikal Regional Museum of Local Lore named after Kuznetsov

One of the oldest museums in Chita is the local history museum, which began its work in 1895 and is currently considered to be the center of the cultural life of the city.

The total area of ​​all halls is about a thousand square meters. It contains more than 190 thousand different exhibits reflecting the history and culture of the city, as well as the whole of Transbaikalia as a whole: ancient manuscripts, articles made of stone, clay and wood, and archaeological finds. Presents stuffed animals living in the Trans-Baikal Territory, a collection of minerals and herbariums. Recreated approximate dwellings and costumes of the inhabitants of the ancient population.

The Kuznetsov Museum of Local Lore is active: scientific expeditions are regularly organized and extensive work is carried out to study the region.

The museum is located at ul. Grandma, 113. You can get here by buses numbered 28, 29, 7, 33 (you need to get off at the “Sports Palace” stop). Opening hours - from 10 to 18 hours daily, except Monday. The price of admission for adults is 140 rubles, for schoolchildren and students - 100 rubles.

Museum "Church of the Decembrists"

The Museum of the Decembrists in Chita is a branch of the museum of local lore, but deserves special mention. It was opened much later than the main building (in 1985) and is located at a different address - ul. Decembrists, 3.

Chita is interesting precisely because the Decembrists were exiled here, in honor of whom the museum began to be called that way.


In the "Church of the Decembrists, " there are exhibits to learn more about the era in which the Decembrists were so active. These are various newspapers, books, manuscripts and personal belongings of the Decembrists. In general - more than five hundred different prints and about a thousand items.

Museum of the History of the Trans-Baikal Railway

The Museum of Chita, which tells about the history of the railway in Transbaikalia, is very popular with visitors. The Trans-Siberian Railway passes through the city, so Chita is one of the major railway centers.

The museum was opened in 1974. At the moment it is located in the Palace of culture of railway workers at ul. Trunk, 15 and includes three halls. The first one is devoted to the history of Russian Railways as a whole. Here you can see the models of the first steam locomotives.


The second hall tells about the role of railway enterprises during the Great Patriotic War, and the third represents the modern development of the railway.

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