Kirill Tereshin: how children's complexes turn people into freaks


Kirill Tereshin was born in early August 1996 in Pyatigorsk in a normal family, he was the only child of his parents. Kirill never told anything about his relatives and in an interview he tried not to share the details of his past life. However, some facts are known: for example, that a mother raised a child alone, without a father, and Kirill is growing without appropriate male attention. About how Kirill Tereshin became a horseman - read the article.

Children's complexes

In childhood, Cyril was a sickly child, grew thin and did not attract the attention of the public. As a teenager, he did not enjoy success with the opposite sex. The guy did not leave a depressive state, he was inclined to blame his own appearance for all his misfortunes.


At some point, he decided to get involved in sports, went to trainings, his main task was to build muscle mass in order to have an athletic figure, beautiful biceps and dice on the press. I went to the gym with great zeal, but I didn’t see any result - it practically wasn’t. Muscles grew very slowly and, as it seemed to him, there was no point in doing anything at all.


As a result, the guy refused to sports and activities, but did not retreat from his desire. The young man heard that every year among the athletes and ordinary people the popularity of steroid hormones, which increase muscle mass, increases.

But it is not necessary to apply special forces. However, Cyril was in no hurry to use chemicals, still looking for a safer way in order to achieve the ideal sports forms. He was studying the information, looking for innovations in the field of sports nutrition, and once came across the blog of the famous chemist from Germany, Chris Clark, who wrote about the drug called "Synthol".


The researcher praised the effectiveness of this tool, which actually had no side effects. In the mid-nineties, only professionals and athletes knew about this drug. Now everyone can read about its properties and use it. Cyril found out that the preparation doesn’t actually contain any substances dangerous to humans, it is based on synthetics, natural fats and oils, but there is a preservative (benzene) and lidocaine, which anesthetizes the injection site.

The very growth of the muscles with the introduction of "Synthol" does not occur, it simply expands the fibers, increasing the volume of artificially. In addition, an inflammatory process occurs at the injection site.

Bazooka Hands

Kirill Tereshin decided to make this substance on his own and experiment on his appearance. He made an injection to the triceps muscle of the shoulder, but it was not possible to continue the course of the drug, since the young man was drafted into the army.


I had problems with my health while serving, so I had to go to a doctor. However, in the muscle mass was not detected any hazardous substances, so Cyril decided to continue the introduction of the drug.

Coming from the army, the young man continued the introduction of "Sintola" in his hands. And at a certain point his biceps in diameter gained 60 cm.

Popularity on the Web

At one point, Cyril decided to share his achievements with the public. He created a page on the social network "Instagram" and began to upload photos and videos, talked about injections, conducted dialogues with subscribers. But instead of envy from the guys and admiration from the girls, he gained scandalous fame. The guy did not cease to criticize and discuss, do not hesitate in expressions. Subscribers now and then strove to insult Tereshin, there was plenty of indignant.

From the moment he set himself a new goal. Now he wanted not so much to get a beautiful athletic body, how to become popular and earn fabulous money.

If earlier Cyril claimed that Arnold Schwarzenegger was his idol, now he wants to be like Romario Dos Santos Alves from Brazil, who pumps his hands in an artificial way. Now the guy seeks to earn as many subscribers as possible in order to be able to receive passive income without leaving home.

Personal life

Until recently, the young man did not spread the details of his personal life, but complained that he could not find his girlfriend in any way. Until now, he continues to live with his mother in an ordinary Pyatigorsk apartment, without in the least striving for independence.


Recently, the public was stirred up by rumors about the novel by Cyril Tereshin and Olesya Malibu, a bright and sexy participant in the scandalous project “House-2”. Now they are talking about both of them. The followers claimed that young people were on fire, but they even announced their engagement. But in the summer of this year, the haters were delighted - Olesya dubbed the most unflattering words of her former lover and wrote on her Instagram page that the wedding would not take place - she found a new boyfriend.

Kirill Tereshin today

Anyway, the popularity of the young man was achieved - they write about him on the Internet, he is invited to television. In 2017, he became the hero of Andrei Malakhov’s "Let Them Talk" - the program was about freaks and unusual people of modern reality. He told viewers that he considers the injection method of increasing muscle mass to be absolutely safe.


However, doctors say the opposite: sooner or later, Kirill Tereshin’s hands will have to be amputated. On the “Live Healthy” program of Elena Malysheva, the guy heard a disappointing verdict - “Sintol” cannot be pumped out.

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