Surname Kuznetsova: origin and meaning


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Origin of Kuznetsov name

Many old Russian patronymic names were formed by naming the main occupation of the head of the family, be he a plowman or a baker. So the surname Kuznetsova originated from one of the most important and respected classes in Russia - blacksmithing.


Knowing the traditions of the old time, it is safe to say that the first person named so was a blacksmith by profession, and since the blacksmith had to be in every locality - the prevalence of this family name is understandable.

This family has other derivatives. For example, the patronymic of Kuznechikhin, which is derived from the word "blacksmith", that is, the blacksmith's spouse, or Kuznichenkova, Kuznetsk or Kuznetsovskaya.

In Russia, there is only one last name, derived from a profession that boasts greater popularity, Popova (derived from "pop" or "wife of priest"). But, in fact, the surname Kuznetsova is known not only in Russia. So, analogues of this middle name are popular all over the world.


The Ukrainian surname Koval and its derivatives (Kovalchuk, Kovalskaya, Kovalevich, Kovalchyk) are distributed to varying degrees in Russia, Belarus and Poland. The American surname Smith is of the same origin as the Kuznetsov surname and is the most common among the population of all English-speaking countries from Canada to New Zealand. The German equivalent of Schmidt (Schmidt) also originally belonged to those people who were engaged in blacksmithing. Of course, in the modern world, this tradition no longer works, but if you live under this surname, it means that one of your ancestors was a blacksmith’s master.

History reference

One of the earliest references to this family name dates back to 1466. It was received by the Pskov blacksmith Clementy Sestorikov. It is this version of the origin of the names Kuznetsov is considered the most reliable.

In 1585, in the Sysola River basin, people lived under the surname Kuznetsov, who belonged to the group of Komi peoples. Whether the origin of the Kuznetsov family is directly connected with this region is unknown, but some scientists believe that it was from this territory that the Kuznetsovs began to move throughout Russia. Approximately resettlement began in 1646-1647, as evidenced by the increasing number of references to this family name in historical sources after that year.


Later, in honor of people with this name, villages and villages, streets and driveways were called. In December 1967, a monument to Nikolai Ivanovich Kuznetsov appeared in the courtyard of the agricultural technical college - a Soviet intelligence officer and saboteur who died in battle in the territory of Ukraine. And in September 2009, a monument to another bearer of the name Kuznetsov, the writer Anatoly Vasilyevich, appeared in Kiev.

The prevalence of names Kuznetsov

In 1917, Kuznetsova was the most popular surname in the 17 volosts of the Penza province. In total, about 69 thousand people lived in that area and more than 1000 families bore this family name. It was distributed in the vast territory to the south and east of Moscow. For example, in the Tula region, for example, up to forty Kuznetsovs accounted for every thousand inhabitants. Only two other families - Ivanovs and Popovs - could boast of greater popularity at that time.

According to the data for 1964, 78, 000 people with this surname lived in Moscow alone, which makes it the second most popular. Overtake Kuznetsov could only Ivanov, which at that time there were more than 90 thousand people.


Today, the Kuznetsovs are in fifth place in the list of Russia's most popular surnames, from where they rose from the twenty-third (after the census in 2002).

Famous people

Knowing the origin and meaning of the Kuznetsov family (and also how popular it is), it is not difficult to guess that many famous people wear it. Among them are athletes, actors, scientists and businessmen. The most famous carrier of the Kuznetsov family is the Russian tennis player and Honored Master of Sports Svetlana Alexandrovna Kuznetsova. Also, this name is the famous Ukrainian football player Kuznetsov Oleg Vladimirovich and his daughter Ekaterina Olegovna (actress of the Russian and Ukrainian theater and cinema).

So, in the list of carriers of this name there is a Soviet prose writer, a children's writer and writer Kuznetsova Agnia Alexandrovna, a Soviet artist Kuznetsova Anna Dmitrievna and even a new martyr Kuznetsova Nina Alekseevna.

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