Dana Agisheva: biography, filmography and personal life of the actress


Agisheva Dana Odelshevna - Russian film actor. The full name of the actress is Denmark. She played her best roles in “Remote Access”, “Reflections”, “Alien Face”, “Escape”, etc. She is the winner of the awards of the international festivals “Pacific Meridian” and “Kinoshok”. She was nominated for the Golden Eagle and Marcello Mastroianni Prize.


Dana was born in 1985, December 30, in Moscow. The actress is the daughter of a playwright and professor of VGIK Agishev Odelche. It is worth saying that the father did not welcome his daughter’s interest in the film industry, so Dana received a higher education at Moscow State University (Faculty of Philology, Romano-German Department). She managed to combine studies at the university with dances and performances in night clubs in Moscow.

The next job for her was an advertising agency. In addition, Danu Agishev could be seen as a dancer at the concerts of Malkanduyev Shamil (singer Oscar). Acting education she never received. Dana considers her teachers to be every director and colleague with whom she happened to work.


First filming

The debut role of the artist was Tatiana in the melodrama "Three against all." In 2003, she starred in the second season of the aforementioned series. Then Agishev appeared in the episode “Children of the Underground” of the detective story “Moscow. Central District.

In the 2004 social drama Remote Access, the actress played her first main character, Eugene. This work was named the best at the Kinoshok and Pacific Meridian festivals. Dana claims that she owes such a quick success to Svetlana Proskurina, the director of the film, since almost all the actresses who star in her films do not go unnoticed.

In 2005, Agisheva’s filmography was replenished with the comedy “Young and Happy” (role - Inga) and the historical drama Garpastum (Nina). In the detective "Ostrog" she played Cristina, and in the full-length action movie "The Worm" - Jung.


Further career development

In 2007, the premiere of the melodrama “The Best Season” took place, in which Agiseva Dana was given the role of the key heroine of Valentina. Her next roles were the announcer in the sci-fi action movie “Inhabited Island”, as well as Anna Akhmatova and Anna Kaminska in the film “Tatar Princess”. In parallel, Agisheva starred in the role of the main character Julia Ignatenko in the mystical detective story “Glare”.

In 2010, Dana Agisheva, whose photo you can see above, appeared in the episodes of the dramas “Elena”, “The Krapivins Case” and “Reverse Movement”. At the same time, the premiere of the action movie “Escape” took place, where she was given the main role of the prison doctor Soboleva Nadezhda. In 2011, the actress played two key characters - “the soothsayer” Elena Nechaeva in the mystical detective story “Object 11” and aspiring actress from America, Virginia, in the film adaptation of E. Topol’s novel “Alien Face”. In 2012, the second season of "Escape" was shown with Dana in the lead role.

Later Agisheva played Nadezhda in the melodrama “Everything will be fine” and Daria in the two-part film “Experience of Reconstruction”. In 2014, she starred in the key role of Angela in the detective series “The Beach”. The latest work with the participation of the actress at the moment is the tape "The Mentalist", in which she appeared in the form of Nadezhda Kostrova.


Personal life Agisheva

Dana prefers not to tell the public about her beloved men. In 2012, the actress admitted that she plans to adopt a child. In preparation for this serious step, she was going to consult with a psychologist. Dana also said that the age of her adopted was not important. The actress planned to choose a child from a photograph, because after an unsuccessful meeting, orphans are left with psychological trauma.

Speaking about other activities, Dana Agisheva would like to teach for orphans. Her list of favorite film actors includes Tim Roth, Charlotte Gensburg, Alain Delon, Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Huppert.

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