The most beautiful registry offices in Moscow and Moscow region: overview, list, description and reviews


Any girl dreams of a beautiful wedding dress and fabulous ceremony. However, to arrange a perfect wedding day is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The luxurious images of the bride and groom should match the situation at the time of marriage - the most beautiful registry offices of Moscow and Moscow region are presented in our review.

Start of family life

You can easily find the registry office in many areas of the city, but in search of a special place, pay attention to the most beautiful registry offices of Moscow. The list is as follows:

  1. Griboedov Palace of marriage.
  2. Wedding Palace in Kolomenskoye.
  3. Vernadsky registry office.
  4. Wedding Palace number 5.
  5. Wedding Palace at the OCE.

We will tell about the best registry offices in Moscow. Which one to choose - only future spouses should decide, because the most happy day in life should be told in detail to the children and grandchildren.

Griboedovskiy registry office

The first place of our rating resigned to the Griboyedov Palace of marriage. This is the most popular registrar, about registration in which almost all brides and groomsmen dream.

The department is located in an old mansion, which was built on the order of A. V. Roerich in 1909. Unique architecture and luxurious interiors attract the spouses: stucco moldings and ceilings, frescoes, unusual candelabra, crystal chandeliers and luxurious mirrors. That is how the most beautiful registry offices of Moscow should look like.


The palace staff managed to preserve the atmosphere of the beginning of the XIX century, for which young couples are willing to suffer some inconvenience. Guest reviews and newlyweds talk about the room for registration, designed for 20-25 people. If the wedding is large, then many guests will have to stay outside, but unpleasant "surprises" are also expected here. The Griboyedovskiy registry office does not have its own territory, so the newly-made husbands and wives go directly onto the road, where limousines are parked, and other couples of lovers and their relatives gather.

In Kolomenskoye

The list “Best registry offices of Moscow” is continued by the department located in one of the most picturesque places of the megalopolis. In the museum-reserve "Kolomenskoye" always took place exit ceremonies. By popular demand, the Wedding Palace was opened here in a small building that is part of a unique architectural ensemble.

Over the reconstruction of the chambers of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich restorers worked for many years. Exquisite ornaments, rare painting of the ceiling and walls, lamps, furniture with gold and carvings - from the first minutes the interior of the palace creates a festive mood and sets the tone for the whole celebration.


Newlyweds appreciate the work of the registry office staff in Kolomenskoye. In addition to the traditional ceremony, here you can hold an old Russian wedding, get a horseshoe for good luck and take a walk in horse-drawn carriages.

Vernadsky Registry Office

The most beautiful registry offices of Moscow are distinguished not only by luxurious interiors. For many lovers, the size of the halls plays an important role, because there are a lot of people who want to see the ceremony.

Hall for celebrations in Vernadsky registry office is considered one of the largest in the city. Colored stained glass windows, high ceilings, lighting and excellent acoustics - weddings have been held here since 1969. In the spacious lobby is not at all crowded, and parking is designed for several wedding processions at once. In addition, the advantage of Vernadsky ZAGS is considered to be convenient access and proximity to the viewing platform of Moscow State University, Poklonnaya Hill and Parks, Vorontsovsky and Filevsky.

Grooms and brides appreciate the work of employees. Thanks to an unusual interior, wedding photos are bright and festive.

“Izmailovo Kremlin”

We continue to talk about the best registry offices in Moscow, and the fourth line is occupied by the Wedding Palace number 5, or “Izmailovo Kremlin”. This department was opened in August 2009 on the territory of the Russian Compound complex.


The interiors are made in the best traditions of white stone towers. Enfilade of guest rooms and halls has excellent acoustics, and music during ceremonies is given to the newlyweds by the graduates of the Academy. Gnesin and Conservatory. Tchaikovsky. The “young” team consists of remarkable specialists - winners of competitions among civil registry offices.

The department in the Izmailovo Kremlin is often called the “Palace of Happiness” - a magical place where the hearts of lovers are joined by legal ties.


Under the definition of “The most beautiful registry offices of Moscow” the Wedding Palace at the All-Russia Exhibition Center is perfect. The department opened in the winter of 2014 in a building built in the 30s of the 20th century, and during World War II there was a school of intelligence officers here.

The undoubted advantage of the Palace is its location - magnificent photos against alleys, pavilions, sculptures and fountains will leave only the best memories. After the ceremony, the first toast to the newlyweds can be raised in the equipped buffet area.


Reviews of lovers and guests celebrate the professionalism of the staff and friendly atmosphere. When planning a wedding should be borne in mind that the entrance to the territory of the complex, as well as permission for professional shooting is carried out on a fee basis.


In the second part of our review will be presented the most beautiful registry offices of the Moscow region.

Podolsky registry office is especially popular with local newlyweds and lovers from neighboring districts and even Moscow. The department is located in the picturesque Dubrovitsy manor, the first owner of which was the boyar Morozov I. V. Then the estate passed to the disposal of Prince Golitsyn, who enriched the setting of the palace. There were often representatives of noble families, as well as ambassadors of foreign countries.


Unfortunately, the magnificent decoration was lost in the XX century. Only the Armorial Hall and the preserved photographs remind of former luxury.

Future spouses choose Podolsky registry office because of the beautiful manor, which is surrounded by an old linden park. According to the rules, coins, rice and rose petals cannot be scattered on the territory, so you will have to congratulate the newlyweds in a different way. Reviews do not advise buying a video ceremony from a local photographer due to poor quality.

Serpukhov registry office

Wedding photo session is a tradition, without which it is difficult to imagine a celebration. After registration, the newlyweds visit the sights to take beautiful pictures. Due to busy roads, future spouses often choose registry offices in Moscow and the Moscow region, located in parks and estates.

Park them. Oleg Stepanov in Serpukhov is often called the newlyweds park. In the warm season at the main entrance you can see limousines and fabulous couples who walk along the main avenue. Wedding Palace is located in the heart of the park. This is a large building with magnificent interiors inside.


Reviews of the newlyweds celebrate the beautiful design of the hall and musical accompaniment, and under good weather conditions the photos on the background of the mansion, the ponds and the old avenue will be simply amazing.

Ramensky Registry Office

Not all registry offices in the near Moscow suburbs surprise visitors with their refined interior, but the Wedding Palace in Ramenskoye exceeds all expectations.

A new building in the very center of the city appeared in 2007. Future spouses are greeted by a magnificent palace arch with columns, and inside you can stay in the spacious guest hall. The interior is decorated in pastel shades.

The registry office is equipped with two rooms for ceremonial registration, the bride and the groom's room, as well as a banquet room. The choice of the marriage ceremony takes place to the sounds of a synthesizer or the music of a string quartet. The main hall is decorated in white and gold colors. Classic furniture, columns, fretwork, mirrors in magnificent frames and semi-antique lamps. Due to the large windows and high ceilings here it is very spacious and light.


After the ceremony, you can make wonderful photos - there is a square and fountain “Adam and Eve” near the registry office, and Victory Square and the memorial are located across the road. Since the opening of the Wedding Palace, a “wedding” infrastructure has developed: jewelry stores, wedding dress salons, cozy restaurants, cafes and offices of the organizers of the celebrations.

Marriage registration in Ramenskoye registry office leaves the best impression. As for the shortcomings, the reviews mark only the presence of "beggars" next to the entrance.

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