Club "Brooklyn" in Moscow: description of the place and feedback from visitors


After work or study, there is always a desire to have a good time and relax. And if this happens in the company of friends, then the rest will be even better. Cafes and clubs allow not only to try new dishes from the menu of the restaurant, but also to enjoy excellent music. The play of light, sound and other effects help to create a special environment. That is what should be sought in the club "Brooklyn" in Moscow. Here, time flies by, and all the everyday fuss is gone away.


How to get to the club?

Nightclub "Brooklyn" is quite convenient. You can get to it in different ways, among which there is also the subway. The institution is located at the address: Derbenevskaya street, 20 (building 25). Nearby are the metro stations: "Serpukhovskaya" and "Paveletskaya". In addition, in the club "Brooklyn" in Moscow you can come from other cities. Then it will be necessary to go to the railway station "Paveletsky railway station". A stylish interior, high-quality music and various shows await the guests of the city and residents of the capital.


Description of the institution

On the first floor of the club there is a stage where you can often see popular stars. She collects not only rap artists, but also rock and many other styles. The stage has an unusual shape, but there is still enough space for the audience. Nearby you can also visit a bar with a long bar or a smoking room. On the second floor most often rise only the performers themselves. Special staircases are provided for them so that they can get into the upper room and prepare for the performance.

The interior of the institution is very original. Even the club's ceiling has an unusual design that goes well with the play of light and music. Lovers of sports in the club will not be bored either, since everything has been created for them so that they can watch important broadcasts. Sometimes screens broadcast other entertainment videos.

What usually happens in the club?

On the stage of the club are many famous personalities, a meeting with which visitors are waiting in advance. Many of them are constantly studying the poster of the institution, as it is rich in very interesting offers. The "Brooklyn" club in Moscow allows you to get to the concerts of many popular artists and groups. The special atmosphere allows fans to enjoy new creations of idols, as well as listen to your favorite songs. People who appreciate a really good rest also love to visit the club. After all, there is entertainment for every visitor.


The club always pleases fans of live music and an interesting program. Often on the stage you can see the shows of fashion designers who represent modern and creative collections. If a guest is tortured by thirst or hunger, then he will be offered a very diverse menu. Visitors especially like authorial drinks and signature cuisine, which allows you to pamper even a rare connoisseur. The institution reigns pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, which perfectly contributes to quality rest. All employees of the club are doing everything so that every visitor wants to return here again.

Opinion visitors

The institution is always full of visitors. Club guests lively share their impressions from the rest on various forums and social networks. Bright and incendiary atmosphere prevails in the institution. It charges all those present with a wave of positive. The comments about the club “Brooklyn” most often boil down to the fact that here visitors have the opportunity to listen to really good music and enjoy spending their free time in the company of relatives and friends.

Both famous performers and novice bands perform on the stage. Thanks to this, many visitors discover completely new music. In addition, a considerable part of the visitors notes the availability of the institution and good prices. There are many options for outdoor activities at the Brooklyn Club in Moscow. In addition to dancing and music, billiards is available to visitors.

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