The main security service of Ukraine is the SBU


Absolutely in every country there is a service, and, to be more precise, law enforcement agencies, whose direct responsibility is to ensure the security of this country. Most often, the purpose of such bodies are divided into many subspecies. In this article we will discuss what constitutes one of these organizations.

The history of the SBU


Decoding the Security Service of Ukraine: Security Service of Ukraine. This is the national organization of the country, which is its counterintelligence, the central law enforcement agency. Currently subordinate to the President of Ukraine, and its predecessor - the KGB of the USSR.

The SBU was founded on September 20, 1991, when a decree was passed on its creation. The adopted law includes many subparagraphs and articles, which also define the functions and responsibilities of this service.



The value of the SBU is very high, because the service daily performs a number of duties, the task of which is to protect Ukraine. The tasks that the SBU must perform:

  • protection of the sovereignty of the country, its constitution, the integrity of the territories, various types of potential of Ukraine (defense, economic, material, etc.);
  • protection of the interests of the population in relations with the country and vice versa, as well as the interaction of the country and private enterprises;
  • protection against terrorism, corruption, any types of crimes, warning about them, detection and exposure, protection also against any actions that have a potential threat to Ukraine;
  • collecting and processing certain information about the country, conducting analytical actions to improve management in foreign and domestic affairs.

SBU is an organization that, in addition to protection, is responsible for the possession of information, helps Ukraine in the implementation of national plans.

However, according to experts, the power belongs to those who own the information. Is it possible to conclude from this that the Security Service of Ukraine controls Ukraine? In fact this is not true. SBU does not control the state, it helps management. The information is actually owned by many, but the plans of the SBU specifically do not include a clause about its use against Ukraine, or to achieve power over it.

The main function of the SBU


In addition to all the listed criteria, the SBU is an organization that primarily deals with counterintelligence.

Counterintelligence is the timely detection and prevention of potential problems. Preventing threats that adversely affect the future functioning of the country. It is the main task of the special services, to which qualified personnel are sent.

The value of the SBU is not only in protection, but also in analytical activities. The service analyzes information, identifies the threats contained in it, and stores in its archives a large amount of information about the country. Such analytical work is carried out in the interests of the government, which is interested in the participation of Ukraine in external and internal political actions.

For better control there is a counterintelligence department. He is engaged in the protection of very important state documents, carries information about the representatives of foreign enterprises interacting with Ukraine. In addition, the Counterintelligence Department has a unit that undertakes to be responsible for the economic information about the country. This is the Counterintelligence Department of Economic Protection. There are other departments, all of which are responsible for certain information and duties, and their immediate “head” is the SBU.

The importance of security organization


Security services do not have to be at the national level - it is enough to establish yourself as worthy, responsible. The SBU is simply the service that has earned the trust of the country.

The main areas of each security service are not only protecting the country, in this case Ukraine, from any harmful factors, but processing and protecting information of public interest.

The importance of such security organizations is also in the fact that they ensure the country's normal functioning, make safe communications with foreign persons, restrict the country from potential threats that could cause irreparable harm to the management system.

What does SBU mean for Ukraine? The role of the organization is not only in supporting and eliminating problems that arise and warning about them, but also the real help of the authorities.

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