Detskoselsky State Farm, St. Petersburg: description, territory, location and reviews


Detskoselsky State Farm is a village, the central estate of the eponymous agrarian enterprise, which is part of the Shushary municipal formation. To get there, you need to drive 25 kilometers from the center of St. Petersburg to the south. Pushkin and the Detskoe Selo railway station are located 2 km away. Many interesting facts about this village we learn further from the article.


Administratively, this territory is subject to Shushary. Through the settlement flows p. Slavyanka into which the stream Vangazi flows. The main enterprise here is a breeding plant, which is part of the holding of the agricultural industry "Detskoselsky".


This organization began to work in 1931, when collectivization was carried out here. The products produced here were vegetables, dairy and meat products. In 1997, they began to grow elite cattle - black and variegated cows.

At the moment, Detskoselsky is a state farm that is ranked among the best agricultural farms in the Russian Federation. There are powerful devices for processing products. A network of retail sales, represented by a network of supermarkets.

Enterprise development

In the summer of 2000, a cattle breeding enterprise was established on the basis of the Detskoselskoye AOZT. For 80 years, the organization has developed and grown to the scale of a large complex producing meat and dairy products and vegetables. In 2006, the dairy complex began to function, thanks to which the performance of the organization improved significantly. The cows were milked three times in two shifts.

In 2007, SEC became part of the Detskoselskogo Concern as a base enterprise. Now the most important agrarian and industrial organizations of the Russian Federation are concentrated here. The products include milk and meat, potatoes, vegetables, and sunflower oil. The holding continues to develop dynamically today. Its structure includes a Russian-Belarusian trading house and many others, branded food distribution stores, cafes and restaurants, a sanatorium, a health and fitness complex, built in 2007.

Also SEC includes a boiler room, a house of culture, a dining room. In 2007, the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the enterprise was held.


Living conditions

The village Detskoselsky State Farm has a fairly good infrastructure. Residents buy products in numerous stores, and medicines - in pharmacies. There are cafes, beauty salons. The construction of new residential buildings that meet all modern requirements.

Detskoselsky State Farm is actively developing. Apartments here are rented and sold by many large companies operating in real estate. For children there is a school number 297 and kindergarten number 38. A child can be given to the free football section working as part of the RPC Pushkin branch, or to the swimming pool. Not less attention is paid to creativity. The House of Culture functions.

Established mailing. The office is open every day from 8:00 to 20:00, except Sunday. Lunch break - from 13:00 to 14:00. It is worth noting that the post (Detskoselsky State Farm has an index of 196634) in the village is only one, so it is impossible to make a mistake in choosing a branch. You can send or receive as a regular letter, and the parcel. The post office - the State Farm Detskoselsky, although small, is still possible to get lost here - located at the address: Kolpinskoe Highway 6.


Reviews of the sanatorium

Detskoselsky State Farm is a place where people improve their health. In 2004, the local sanatorium was awarded the title of the best dispensary in the region. General therapy is performed here. Most of his visitors are older people. However, many visitors to the city also rest here and note the high level of service.

Around - pine and birch alleys with electric lights, there is a pond and a beach with sun beds. In the summer they play table tennis and tennis. For Finnish walking there is a special park. Sticks for such classes are rented. In the sanatorium building 4 floors.

The treatment rooms, dining room, rooms for two places are located quite close to each other. In total at the same time the sanatorium can receive 100 visitors. In the halls - TVs and upholstered furniture. Many vacationers note that their well-being improved after being here. Concerts and dance events were called interesting. In a special hall, where 500 people can immediately accommodate, conferences are held.

In total, the complex is characterized as comfortable and modern. A positive feature are favorable prices for vouchers. Once in the area on an excursion, you should take a look at the local monument dedicated to the exploits of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. This memorial was named "Unbowed". The authors of the project were the architects Bychkov and Karasev, who completed the implementation of their plan in June 1966.


dental clinic

An important condition for the normal functioning of the population is the development of medicine. Is dentistry functioning well? Detskoselsky State Farm is provided with a modern dental center "MK-Dent". The clinic has three floors of a separate building. Patients leave their cars in the relevant parking lot.

There are seven treatment rooms and the fluoroscopy department, laboratory, and sterilization room. It treats children and adults. Doctors restore and remove teeth, carry out disease prevention, install crowns, prostheses, inserts, correct bite, perform surgical operations and bleaching.

Always be in shape

Seriously here relate to the sport. There is a large fitness club. The swimming pool in the Detskoselsky State Farm is its immediate part. The total area of ​​the institution halls is 1.8 thousand square meters. m. People of different ages come here - work out in the gym, visit the bath.


Classes are held in groups, children's sections are working on swimming. Here is a favorable pricing policy. Many visitors buy a subscription. They are given the opportunity to park for free, use the locker, come to the gym at any convenient time. Corporate clients receive favorable discounts.

The hall has the latest simulators. Women here become refined and graceful, and representatives of the stronger sex - courageous and muscular. Visitors are sent by instructors with extensive experience and knowledge. Every year they are trained in methods of rendering health and sports services, improve their work.

Swimming lessons

Every parent wants the child to be well developed physically and have excellent health. Some families do not have the opportunity to constantly travel to St. Petersburg. The State Farm Detskoselsky, unfortunately, does not have an extensive number of sports sections. Fortunately in Pushkin there is a great place. Parents send their children to the pool in the swimming section. He is the only one in the city. Here take children from 5 to 10 years.

The coach controls the actions of the child in each session. Training is carried out personally or in small groups. 4 classes cost 2.1 thousand rubles, and 8 visits - 3.2 thousand rubles. The pool has a size of 12.5 by 6.5 meters. The greatest depth is 1.1 m. Children with a certificate issued by a pediatrician are allowed to attend classes. Also, twice a year they take tests for enterobiasis. If the child misses classes due to illness, but provides a document from the doctor, the money is not withdrawn.


Other sports

In addition to swimming, there are several other sections and circles: tennis (from 3 years old), hand-to-hand combat (7-12 years old), gymnastics (3-8 years old). Equestrian fans are engaged in a local club, built on the basis of a stable, built in 1966. Then the farm needed working horses. When the machinery appeared, the need for them was not so great.

Heavy breeds began to give way to sports. At the moment in the stable thirty heads. There is an open-type playpen measuring 40 by 70 meters, and there is also a levada and pasture occupying 4 hectares. For workers in a special trailer there is a shower, changing room and kitchen. In 2009 they began to hold competitions, which later became an annual tradition.


The population of the Detskoye Selo State Farm lives an intense and active life in a constantly developing area.

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