Stone Park in Perm: photos, description


There is a territory in the city of Perm where samples of the most diverse rocks of the western part of the Urals are collected. This park was founded in 1973 on the initiative of the city committee. In total there are several dozen samples of rocks from all over the Perm region.

After reading the article, you will find out some information about the park of stones in Perm.

It should be noted that this park has an official name - it is a square named after it. 250th anniversary of Perm. He has another name - Rock Garden.


Location and name

The address of the park of stones: Perm, Dzerzhinsky district. It is located in front of the railway station Perm-II - between Gaidar Square and 2 directions of the railway.

This square received its unofficial name, Park of Stones, in connection with the samples of rocks represented in it that are in the Ural Mountains.


It all began in December 1973, when the city executive committee issued decision No. 687 on the construction of a public garden. The designers were the specialists of the Uralgiprolesdrevprom Institute.

At first it was just a garden square, opened in honor of the 250th anniversary of Perm. At the beginning of the XXI century, the people renamed it the Park of Stones. By the time he was ennobled, trees were planted and benches installed.

The park of stones in Perm was decorated with a high triangular stele with three reliefs, made by KM Sobakin, but 59 stones became the main objects. Next to each exhibit is a plate with information about it with a detailed description of each breed. Officially, the park is a branch of the Museum of the Perm State University system, and for some time the park in the city guidebooks was called the Ural Mineral Museum under the open sky.

Many information signs were lost over time, in addition, the square was deprived of many exhibits. Initially, there were 59 stones, today there are only 20. There are art objects in the park: a scarab of automobile tires, the Perm gate (made of wood). In addition, there are two fountains, built in 2010. At the same time, polished granite balls appeared.


Description of the park and surroundings

In the park of Perm stones (photos are presented in the article) trees from each region of the region are planted. They reflect the individuality of each subject. For example, a birch was planted in the park from Berezovsky district. Lanterns made in the form of flying saucers are peculiar here. They give originality and originality to the park.

Many excursion routes around Perm begin from this place. From the park you can go to the botanical garden of Perm State National Research University, to the campus of the university, to the streets of Lenin and Petropavlovskaya. The most interesting is the central street (Lenin) of the city, especially its part adjoining the rock garden. Here is the architecture of the 50s - 60s of the XX century. Also on it are numerous souvenir shops and cafes.

Admiring the beauty of the stone park in Perm, you can look into the Dzerzhinsky Square.

Art objects

The author of the project “Gates” is Nikolay Polissky. It is made of wooden logs in the form of a giant volume letter “P” (height 12 meters).

According to the artist's plan, this art object symbolizes a peculiar connection of times, projected into the present, but taking its origins from the distant past of the Perm Territory. And the past is connected with the molar alloy of wood along the rivers and the Permian gods.


All that is in the park, created by the best landscape designers of Perm. The park of stones has another original composition. This is a sculpture of a scarab beetle, made of automobile tires and metal frame. This art object, containing a four-meter ball, was designed by the artist Moldakul Narymbetov. According to the creator, "Scarab" is an ancient symbol of rebirth and the sun.

The Perm park of stones is not only an object where unique and original objects are collected, but also a place where city residents and guests love to relax.

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