Lake Empty: the mystery of the Siberian reservoir


On our planet there are a large number of unique natural monuments, each of which is characterized by some peculiarities. These may be places in which various electromagnetic anomalies occur or people often die. Perhaps in every country there are such mystical places. One of them is in Russia, and they call it the Empty Lake. Let's try to figure out what puzzles this natural landmark holds.


One of the most mysterious lakes

There are approximately 20, 000 freshwater bodies in the Altai Territory. It is for this reason that Altai is often called the Land of Blue Lakes. However, there is one among this number of reservoirs, in which there is no fish - this is Empty Lake. At first glance, there is nothing strange and unusual in this, because there are many lakes with a lack of living creatures today. But in most cases there is some explanation. And in this situation, experts can not find any factors contributing to this feature of the lake.


Where is the wonder lake?

The Empty Lake is located in the Kemerovo Region, where the number of freshwater bodies is large enough - about 850. The lake, which we describe later, is located on the territory of the Tisulsky district, at the foot of the Kuznetsky Alatau highland. The reservoir is part of the lakes that surround the Big Berchikul (its area is approximately 2 km ²).

Empty Lake has never been able to boast of any valuable resources, for this reason there are no references to it from ancient times. The reservoir simply existed, and only locals knew about its features.


Features of the reservoir

An empty lake is considered a reservoir of continental origin. The water in it is fresh, and its chemical composition meets all standards and does not show any deviations. A large number of scientists have repeatedly investigated this reservoir, carried out analyzes of its water. Nevertheless, the work of specialists did not give any results: no toxic substances were detected in the water, which could affect the death of the fish. On the contrary, the water in Lake Empty is absolutely usable. Those who have tried it say that it is a bit like champagne, as it contains small bubbles of natural gas that is safe for human health. Thus, the researchers did not manage to understand why there is no fish in these places.

Specialists also studied the issue of local ecology in order to find out if there were any incidents or natural disasters, as well as technical pollution, recorded in this area. But they didn’t know what exactly scared the fish and why it didn’t like the waters of the Empty Lake in Siberia.


Mystical halo around the lake

This body of water comes in contact with other lakes, clean and fresh, in which fish are found. It would seem that the inhabitants of the waters could expand their territory and choose as a residence and Empty Lake. But this did not happen. This fact gives this reservoir a certain mystical veil. The most enduring and unpretentious fish were repeatedly launched into the lake: carp, pike, perch. Thus, specialists and local residents wanted to artificially populate the pond with animal life. However, these attempts were unsuccessful: the fish simply did not multiply and died. The same thing happened with aquatic vegetation - it soon rotted. To date, there is no blade of grass, no small fish, and even birds for some reason do not like the shores of this strange "empty" lake in Western Siberia.


Empty will remain empty?

The mystery of this reservoir, as before, worries human minds, but at the moment no one has managed to at least a step closer to the solution. The lake still keeps many secrets in its waters. In this regard, experts compare this body of water with another well-known and strange Lake Trinidad (it is also often called Asphalt or Lake of Death). Today, Empty Lake is one of the most mysterious natural attractions of the Kemerovo region. It still remains empty. But is life possible in the waters of this lake?

Experts are trying again and again to explore the waters of this mystical reservoir. Its water has already been investigated by American, German, Belgian and British experts, but no one has yet managed to find the reason or at least offer a theory explaining such a phenomenon. Will the experts be able to solve this riddle in the future? Unfortunately, scientists only shrug their shoulders.

If you happen to visit the Kemerovo Region and see the Empty Lake, you will hardly notice something unusual: the reservoir looks exactly the same as many other lakes. And only the waters of this mystical and unusual object know the clue of their uniqueness.

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