Danila Dunaev: biography, family


One can say without exaggeration about him that he is a real creative person. This man is absolutely not in vain chose the actor's profession for himself, since the films with his participation madly like the domestic audience. However, Danila Dunaev is known not only for his movie roles. He successfully teaches acting skills to the participants of the popular project “Exactly”, which is released on the First Channel, and he also quite talented composes music. Remarkable is the fact that in his youth, Danila Dunaev did not plan to perform professionally on the stage in front of a wide audience, but dreamed of playing sports. However, this field of activity turned out to be "overboard", and the young man decided to study as a social psychologist. But fate had prepared for him another “mission.”

Years of childhood

Russian actor Danila Dunaev is a native of Moscow. He was born on July 15 in 1981. The boy, becoming a little older, was proud that he was Danila Dunaev. His family was known for his father, who at one time won the honorary title of world champion in fencing.


The mother of the future film and television star worked as an economist. Since childhood, his father began to instill in his son a love for fencing, but Danila did not succeed much in this lesson, but his interest in "great art" awoke by itself. The boy wrote the scripts and enjoyed making performances, of course, at home. Seeing such a creative beginning in the son, the parents decided to develop the offspring abilities in this direction: they gave Danilo a ballroom dance group and enrolled him in a music school (accordion class). However, his son found another hobby - sports. He was fond of swimming, martial arts and after a while began to show interest in professional basketball. However, in high school, it was necessary to determine as precisely as possible the choice of a future specialty. The young man understood how unstable the career of an athlete could be, therefore, after consulting with his parents, he decided to enter the Moscow Aviation Institute, whose graduates had good chances of finding a well-paying job.


Having become a student at a prestigious university, Danila Dunaev very quickly realized that the lectures and seminars bore him.


But the institute KVN attracted him like a magnet. Having initial experience in improvisation and having a certain artistry, the young man, after some time, organically joined the ranks of the most extraordinary "cheerful and resourceful." Gradually, attendance at the classes and passing the exams were relegated to the background. On the last courses, Danila Dunaev, whose photo today often flashes in glossy magazines, finally decides to enter the theater.


The young man successfully passed the exams at the Schukinsky Theater School, having subsequently taken the course of the famous actor Y. Shlykov.

Comprehending the basics of acting, Danila, like many students of theatrical university, left his resume at the Mosfilm studio, and suddenly good luck smiles! And after a while she really smiled at him.


Dunaev was offered to pass the selection of actors to the popular film of the historical genre “Secrets of Palace Revolutions”, which was shot by the notorious Svetlana Druzhinina.

Debut on the set

Danila successfully passed the casting: he got one of the most colorful roles - the image of Senator Peter Sumarokov. His partner on the stage was the famous singer Alsou. Soon the novice mummer is noticed by other directors. In 2007, director Oleg Fomin claims him for the role of Kreus in the film Young Wolfhound, and then he appears as Philip of Sarov in the crime drama Montecristo.

Work in the theater

Graduation works of the young actor were images of Don Martin in the comedy play Don Gil's Green Pants and Ivan Vasilyevich in a comedy production Theatrical Romance.


Having received the coveted diploma, the young actor goes to work at the Mayakovsky Theater. On the stage of this temple Melpomena he gets roles in performances for children. However, at the end of the 2000s, Dunayev changes direction in his career, spending more time working in the cinema.

Work in the cinema

In 2009, Danilo is invited to take part in the adventure genre film “The Return of the Musketeers”. High growth, acting charm, ability to wield a sword made Dunaev an ideal candidate for the role of Raul (son of Athos). And the work in this film unexpectedly exposed another facet of Danila's talent. Together with the actor Anton Makarsky, he came up with a composition that formed the basis of the plot of the film. This musical creation has received the non-trivial name “Musketeer Rap”.

After the undoubted success of the tape about the musketeers, the actor takes part in the creation of the comedy "The Best Day - 2", which Oleg Fomin makes. Daniel brilliantly parodies director Nikita Mikhalkov. Then he is approved for the role of the Scythian tsar in the serial film “The Gold of the Scythians” (dir. Vladimir Nakhabtsev Jr., Sergey Lyalin, 2009).


Then Svetlana Druzhinina again invited the actor to participate in the continuation of the “Palace coups”. The shooting of the film “Two Knights or the Hunt for a Princess” (the role of Sumarokov) proved again successful for Danila.

In 2012, he took part in the filming of the popular TV series “News, ” playing journalist Gleb Chernov. In this project, Dunayev appeared in a new image. His main character, who is successful in his profession, falls into a coma after clarifying the relationship with his boss.

The series was waiting for real success, after its release on the screens the directors began to offer Dunaev the main roles. In particular, we are talking about the films "Divorce" (Roman Gerasimov), "May Rain" (Mark), "Glaciers" (Marat Safarov).

In 2013, Danila starred in the TV series “Mom-Detective”, in which Mikhail Weinberg approved him for the role of actor Solntsev. Then there was the work in the series “Profession - obstetrician”, where Dunayev appeared in the image of an impressive expert in the field of artificial insemination.


After the triumph of the song composed for the film “The Return of the Musketeers”, Danila continued its development in musical creativity.


He began to write songs, some of which sounded in the TV series "News". The actor created the group “Danila Dunaev Band” and even made several clips on his compositions.

Participation in other projects

In addition to filming a movie, Danila is engaged in teaching. In particular, he teaches the basics of acting skills of children who are engaged in the theater “Domisolka”, and also helps to reincarnate in the images of pop stars of the project “Toch-to-exactly”.

Personal life

About his life outside the profession graduate of "Pike" prefers not to spread. It is known that for the first time he tied himself up by marriage, even when he was a student. Family idyll came to an end in 2007. And until now, Danila Dunaev and his wife, who was already former, maintain friendly relations. The second chosen one of the actor, whose name is Elena, is a photographer by profession. He loves her madly and never gets tired to emphasize that there is much in common between them. It can be said without exaggeration that Danila Dunaev and his wife, whose photos you rarely see in the press, are a real happy couple. In 2012, Elena gave birth to an actor daughter Elizabeth. Are there any children of Danila Dunaev? Yes, in the first marriage he had sons Fedor and Innocent.

Today, the actor is full of creative ideas and, more than ever, in demand in his profession.

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